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A petition to ban OnlyJayus from TikTok has been signed over 110,000 times

She currently has 13.5 million followers

Popular TikToker OnlyJayus, who currently has 13.5 million followers on the platform, is currently the focus of a petition seeking to ban them.

The petition, which has been signed just under 115,000 times at the time of writing, seeks to remove them for repeatedly “mistreating disabled creators and creators of color.”

OnlyJayus is famous on the app for their informational and comedy videos, which have proven a hit with audiences and gained them well over 600m likes.

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Vanellope Von Addams, the person who started the petition, claims that they want TikTok to be made “safer for all creators” by having OnlyJayus removed.

“In February of 2021, Jayus was caught in a scandal due to some racist remarks by Jayus being revealed,” the petition says. “Jayus apologized by stating they would ‘lift black voices’ and ‘share their platform with creators of color’, but has failed to hold up on any of their promises.

“Their problematic issues have also branched out to them making a joke about robbing disabled people and hosting rigged giveaways. Recently, it has since come out that Jayus contacted a ghostwriter to write their initial apology for them which has been taken down from their original page.”

OnlyJayus responded to the petition mockingly on Twitter, saying that they were “scared” of what might happen: “Good luck getting more than 13.5m signatures.”

However, an update to the petition at 50,000 signees reveals that Jayus has already lost sponsors from the petition blowing up. Vanellope told signees: “We have confirmed that Jayus lost two sponsors; one through Casetify and the other through a fitness company. We won’t be stopping there. We will be reaching out to every sponsor we can find and I will be updating as we continue.”

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