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Explained: How to use the GTA filter that’s all over TikTok right now

San Andreas flashbacks

We’ve had many popular filters come and go over the last few weeks, from the big face filter to the genetics heritage filter, but the one that seems to be most dominant currently is the TikTok GTA filter. You know the one – someone stands looking like they’re fiercely deliberating over an issue with a load of low-res videogame characters flailing their arms around. It’s weird, but I’m totally down for anything that celebrates old-school GTA.

However, it’s not immediately obvious how to use the TikTok GTA filter, as there’s no little button to use the effect for yourself. So, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use the TikTok GTA filter that everyone is using right now.

@alby_lad##catsoftiktok ##cat ##catslovers ##sanandreas ##lmao ##fyp ##funny ##gta♬ original sound – ALBY LAD

How do I use the TikTok GTA filter?

When you see others use a TikTok filter such as the invert filter or time warp scan, there will be a button to use it for yourself. The TikTok GTA filter, however, will require you to use a different app altogether – but luckily you likely have it. Here’s how to make a video with the TikTok GTA filter:


  • If you don’t already have Snapchat, download it and set up an account.


  • Search for the “GROVE STREET WORLD” filter by Nikita Treshalov and tap to use.


  • Film the desired video footage, save it, then head back over to TikTok.


  • Upload the footage and search “San Andreas Theme Song” in TikTok. Add the audio to your video, and you’re done!


And that’s really all there is to it! Now you can make your own GTA San Andreas memes for TikTok. If you’re looking for some inspiration, luckily we’ve got you covered – here are some of the best examples of the meme:

@halaltech_#programmerhumor #informationtechnology #halaltech_ #techtok #grovestreet♬ San Andreas Theme Song – Young Maylay

@shak.tvEshay gets rolled by grove street gang #gtasanandreas #eshay #grovestreet #eshays #gta #aus #tns♬ San Andreas (Radio Edit) – Groove Delight

@dc4static😬😬 #fypシ #fypsounds #grovestreet #teggy #teggygang #teggylife #jdm #jdmcarsoftiktok #jdmlife90s #jdmcars #viral #gta♬ San Andreas Theme Song – Young Maylay

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