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QUIZ: Are you more Ned Schneebly or Dewey Finn from School of Rock?

The power of the rent was way hardcore

It’s been known for many years that School of Rock is a banger of a film, but with the announcement that it will be coming to Netflix at the start of May, people are predictably ramping their excitement up to OVERDRIVE (guitar pun, loser). There is little more tension than that between Dewey Finn and his landlord/friend Ned Schneebly in this film – they’re polar opposites in almost every way other than the fact they both, deep down, want to rock out.

But which one are you more similar to? Are you a sensible person like Ned who just wants to work a secure job and forget about his fun past, or are you a bundle of manic energy who couldn’t possibly be expected to work a nine to five like Dewey? Find out here:

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