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Below Deck: What happened to deckhand Danny Zureikat after the show?

Yes, that is Kendrick Lamar

Danny Zureikat is undoubtedly one of the more notorious crewmates to appear on Below Deck. His eagerness to socialise and become best mates with charter guests, at one point even becoming intimate with one of them, landed him with several warnings from the captain before eventually he was given a plane ticket and kicked off. And let’s be honest, it was deserved – you got the impression he wouldn’t have lasted a day if it were Captain Lee at the wheel.

However, although you may have heard little from Danny since his appearance on Below Deck, he’s certainly been busy rubbing shoulders with the stars, making content for a number of different social media platforms, and he has even met up with some of the charter guests since filming. So, here is what Danny Zureikat from Below Deck has been up to since the show.

Danny Zureikat describes himself as a producer, actor, artist and viral content creator

On his social media platforms, Danny fancies himself as a bit of a jack of all trades, and to give credit where it’s due – his IMDb does indeed show a spattering of short films that he has appeared in – including The Lonely Entrepreneur, Fly a Way in LA and Don’t Look. He also appeared in a full-length film titled What Doesn’t Kill Us.

He has a TikTok account where he posts skits and dances

@dannyzureikatFood is the way to my heart! ##ThinkingAbout ##food ##fyp ##UpTheBeat♬ gibby likes careless whisper very much – unicorn shart❤️

The most confusing of Danny’s current endeavours is his TikTok account, which also appears to be the only social platform he bothers to post on nowadays. His videos are a bit of an acquired taste, as he seems to almost exclusively play upon long-established tropes of internet humour such as “eating food” and “putting the toilet seat down”.

Then again, seeing some of the content creators he’s previously collaborated with, it’s pretty clear to see where he’s developed this innovative sense of humour:

His Instagram is a strange treasure trove of random celebrity interactions

danny zureikat instagram

Danny has photos of his interactions with Kendrick Lamar, Danny Trejo, Shaquille O’Neal, The Backpack Kid, Gabbie Hanna and Lele Pons to name just a few.

Danny’s Instagram is crammed to the brim with photos of him rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous. From the totally unexpected like Kendrick Lamar to the very expected like Backpack Kid and Lele Pons, he seems to have met a broad range of people since appearing on Below Deck.

He has been in contact with the charter guests that gave him the “MVP tip”

jerry thibeau, danny zureikat, below deck

Danny hit it off with Jerry Thibeau and his friends on the charter

Remember that really weird time when the charter guests loved Danny so much that they gave him an “MVP tip”? And then the captain took it and distributed it amongst the rest of the crew?

Well, we knew they were likely going to meet up again after hitting it off so well, but little did we expect that they would make an entire holiday out of it! According to a tweet from a fan that bumped into Danny, he was seen hanging out with Jerry Thibeau and co in Las Vegas, and Jerry even took a photo for them.

Unfortunately, the photo is nowhere to be found.

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