Below Deck: Where is Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier now?

A lot’s changed since she got booted off the show for possessing Valium and a CBD vape

Drama and controversy seemed to follow Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier through all five seasons of Below Deck Mediterranean, peaking when Captain Sandy Yawn gave her the boot after she was found with unregistered Valium and a CBD pen.

“Honestly, it’s so sad to me because it’s five years of my life that I dedicated to this show. It changed and grew so much since Season one in Greece. I think just above anything I’m just really sad that it’s ended that way.” Hannah told The Daily Dish.

But it seems Hannah’s crazy days are long behind her. This is what she’s getting up to now.

Hannah is now a mother and is engaged to be married

Hannah was no stranger to a cheeky flirt on the show. Who could forget the time she disappeared into guest Jason Ziegler’s bedroom where Hannah admits the pair shared “a very quick kiss”?

But, in reality, everyone really wanted her to get with iconic spiky-haired chef, Ben Robinson.


@hannahferrier234 and Ben Robinson have remained good friends after the show

Hannah said: “I think there was flirting and then there was fights and things like that, so it’s always difficult when you’re trying to gauge what kind of relationship you’re gonna have on the boat.”

Her wild single days are now behind her as Hannah has since got engaged to Josh Roberts, who she met in her home town of Sydney. The pair are now proud parents to a girl called Ava Grace Roberts, but it seems they won’t be tying the knot in a hurry.


@hannahferrier234 pictured with her daughter Ava and husband Josh

Hannah told Heart radio: “We have, but we always have two glasses of wine, plan the wedding and then fall asleep.“Then we won’t talk about it for two weeks, until we have two more glasses of wine– it goes around in circles.”

Hannah has a net worth of $600k

After a holiday around Europe, Hannah was prompted to sell all her possessions and pursue yachting, swiftly finding her sea legs and attaining role of Chief Stew.

But after five seasons on the show, she’s now embarked on two new ventures.

The ex-Chief Stew has been working on a podcast called “Dear Diary, You’re Effed!” in which co-host Justin Hill and herself take the piss out of her diary entries from when she was 13 years old.

Hannah’s also started a business to help young people get into the yachting industry, which she runs in with the help of fellow Below Deck star Anastasia Surmava.


@hannahferrier234 (left) with Aesha Jean (centre) and Anastasia Surmava (right)

According to Hannah, Ocean International Training Academy teaches students “the street smarts of yachting.  So it really breaks it down for you, what the industry is actually like, what you can do at home before you even leave to go and join yachting that will help you on your CV, how to write a CV, where to go, what to do, what boat is right for you, what size is right for you, whether it’s private or charter. It gets down to the nitty-gritty of yachting.”

Her yachting career and two new jobs have helped her amass a net worth of $600k.

She also has a Cameo account that’ll set you back nearly £60


Hannah on Cameo

Hannah stays connected with her fans through a pricey Cameo account. It costs £59.25 for a personalised video message from Hannah, or just £2.24 for a DM.

She tends to do birthday messages and manages to be a lot less creepy than Below Deck Ben who said to one user: “Your Mum tells me that you’re beautiful and available. That is an amazing combination. So am I, baby!”

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