Ranked: This is how much the Below Deck cast actually earn

Captain Lee gets over 200k!!

They work 16+ hour days and are filmed around the clock for six weeks at a time, but actually how much do the Below Deck crew earn?

The charter company pays each cast member a base salary, depending on their role on board and the size of the boat. On top of this, they get tips from guests, as any yacht crew would. The Below Deck cast also are paid a small appearance fee by the show’s production company.

From watching Below Deck we know their tip for the week can range massively, from a few hundred dollars to well over a grand. It tops up their actual salaries, and completely depends on how good their service was and what the guests fancy giving them. But how much do the Below Deck crew actually make?

The Mirror have put together a list of how much luxury yacht crew can expect to make, and from knowing their job titles we can finally find out how much the Below Deck cast may actually earn:

Deckhands – $40-52k


In Below Deck season one, David and Eddie are the Deckhands, and would be earning around $40-52,000. Deckhands have to do a lot of different things, but are mainly responsible for looking after the exterior of the boat. In the series Eddie gets promoted to Bosun, which basically means a senior Deckhand who’s in charge of all the others.

Second and Third Stewards – $50k

Sam and Kat

Kat is Second Steward and Sam is Third Steward in the first season of Below Deck, and they’d earn around $50,000, depending on the size of the boat. Stewards are in charge of the interior of the boat and looking after the guests: Preparing their cabins, serving their food, and organising activities.

Chef – $52-72k

Chef Ben

Ben is, obviously, the Chef on Below Deck, and apparently could earn $52-72,000 for all his hard work. Obviously Ben’s job involves cooking all the food for the guests, often specific things made-to-order, and lavish four-course dinners. A main part of any boat Chef’s job is also cooking for the crew – all the crew’s food is provided to them by the boat.

Chief Steward – $62-75k


Who could forget Chief Stew Adrienne in Below Deck season one? She wrote the textbook on how to be an awful manager 101, but she still earned a pretty sweet $62-75,000 for basically doing nothing other than shouting at Kat. Not bad if you ask me.

Captain: up to $210k

Captain Lee

As the one in charge of the whole boat and making sure no one dies, it makes sense that the boat’s Captain earns way more than any of the other crew – and apparently Captain Lee could earn up to $210,000! Exactly how much the Captain earns depends on the size of the boat, and the number of crew on board.

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