Where are the crew of Below Deck Season 1 now?

Is David still with Trevor someone tell me PLEASE

I don’t know where Netflix found Below Deck, or which high up person decided it should be added to Netflix UK, but I would like to take a moment to thank them for bringing Kat, Ben and Captain Lee into all our lives. Like, do you ever watch the first episode of a trashy-looking series on Netflix, and upon finishing it get down on your knees, look up to the sky, and thank God for blessing you with this reality-TV goodness? It is truly the perfect TV show – there’s people hooking up, rich people making dumb decisions, five star food, hot guys, it’s set in the Caribbean – the list goes on. But where are the Below Deck season 1 cast now? The first season was filmed in 2013, and only some of the crew members carried on to Below Deck season 2, so what have the Below Deck season 1 crew been up to since filming?

Did David have a big white wedding with Trevor? What did CJ get up to after jumping ship? Where is ADRIENNE???

This is what the Below Deck Season 1 cast are up to now:


If there’s two things we learn about Kat from Below Deck season 1 it’s that she likes to party and has excellent worth ethic on a hangover. She features in the second season and obviously continues to hook up with Ben on occasion, but where is Kat from Below Deck now?

After the second season, Kat gave up yachting and moved home to Rhode Island, where she took up waitressing jobs. In 2017, she posted on Instagram saying she was going to nursing school. She told The Daily Dish: “After filming Season 2, I reached my six-year mark working in the yachting industry and also had my 30th birthday. I realized it was time to go down a different path and try something new.”

She’s only posted to her 20,000 Instagram followers a couple of times since her nursing post. Most recently she took part in the Below Deck reunion show.


Sure, going on a £20m super yacht would be amazing, but the best part of it is obviously Chef Ben cooking you Michelin-star quality food every day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. The only Brit on the show, he’s a bit of a knob but also the one you would definitely want to get with if you were on the charter.

Out of the Below Deck season 1 cast, Ben is one of the most accomplished. He’s got 500k followers on his Instagram, and he’s verified!! He’s still a chef, and has his own exclusive catering company where he cooks for private parties and events.

He lasted four seasons on Below Deck before leaving the show, but came back in 2019 for the Mediterranean spin off.

However if you can’t afford to see Ben cooking for you live, like 4,000 other people you can subscribe to his YouTube channel, where he puts up tutorials on how to make things like his “FAMOUS marinated chicken recipe” or how to prep artichokes. Exciting!

Chef Ben is even doing Cameos now for £83 a pop. £83!!

From his Insta it looks like he’s got a girlfriend. I hope Kat isn’t too sad x



Boy oh boy what a wild ride it was watching Adrienne and learning How Not To Be A Manager 101. Whether it was when she was modelling the black Honor outfit for those creepy men, sucking all the air out of a cig at the back of the boat or saying “hey girl heeeeey” *shudder*, Below Deck’s Adrienne was a lot.

She got married in 2018 and had a big beach wedding. She’s still in the yachting world, and according to her Insta bio not only is she still a chief steward, but a celebrity chef too!?

Adrienne has nearly 10,000 Insta followers. She regularly posts pics of her and her dog, usually wearing some kind of lil nautical outfit.


We last saw CJ sailing off into the distance after dramatically leaving Honor in a strop, but where is CJ from Below Deck now?

CJ has basically gone off grid since the show, with there being no obvious social media profiles associated with him. Apart from this really old Facebook account, with the last post being from 2013.

#belowdeck ratings beat out the WHO HOLY WOW!! Remember this one of our first nights out…….before the cameras…..

Posted by C.J. Below Deck on Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The last news from CJ was in 2013, when TMZ reported CJ was arrested for assault, with law enforcement sources alleging he got into a “physical alteration” with his fiancee.


You know what, David deserved so much more air-time on Below Deck. Out of all the Below Deck season 1 cast, he was the most normal one. On the show his boyfriend Trevor proposed to him via Skype, and even turned up to surprise him at the end of the charter.

But sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Trevor and David broke up last year, with Trevor writing on Facebook that he had been single for some months. Trevor posted: “He was part of me for nine years and I will never forget him nor lose contact with him. We made a family together and so we work together with that..”

But it’s not all sad. David’s got a new look now – he’s lost his young Leo DiCaprio locks and gone blonde instead.

Also he meets up with the Below Deck cast, look at this cute pic of him and Eddie!!


David has 12k Instagram followers, and describes himself as an “actor, writer, mover & shaker”. He featured in Below Deck season three also.


Eddie finished Below Deck S1 in Captain Lee’s good books as he was promoted to Bosun (whatever tf that means). He came back to Below Deck for the second season to be Captain Lee’s betch once more.

Eddie left Below Deck after the third season. He moved back to Baltimore, where he still worked with boats, just not on the super yacht scale.

Instagram wise, Eddie is doing better than most of his fellow Below Deck season 1 cast mates. He has 70k followers, and is verified.

And like Chef Ben, you can get a Cameo from Eddie for a mere £41.50.

Captain Lee

Do we like Captain Lee? I think I do. Especially when he’s forced to smile and wave through dinner with guests he hates. Such good TV.

Captain Lee stayed on at Below Deck for ALL seven seasons. He has 453k Instagram followers (!!!) which for a grumpy old man is pretty good going. His Insta is made up of boating pics and some cute pics with his wife.

But what you really need to see is that on his website, Captain Lee describes himself as ‘Stud of the Sea’. Superb

Captain Lee Below Deck, Below Deck season 1 cast now

You do you babe!!!!!


Sonic the Hedgehog, I mean Aleks, was the good cop to Adrienne’s bad cop.

Unsurprisingly, Aleks is still in the yachting industry. He now has his own company called Elite Yacht Management, so he’s doing pretty well for himself.

He has 30k followers on Instagram, where he regularly posts about plastic pollution in the ocean, alongside some flashy looking super yachts.

And he’s engaged!


You know what, if I was Adrienne I would’ve had Sam off the ship by like, the third charter. But what is Sam from the Below Deck season 1 cast up to now?

After the show, Sam moved back to LA to work as vice president of engineering at a solar energy firm.

Sam has gone full mum-mode on Instagram, posting lots of pics with her husband, baby, dogs and friends. It’s all very wholesome.


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