Lucy Woodham

Gyms and non-essential shops will reopen in England when lockdown ends

Honestly don’t know whether to go to the pub first or Tk Maxx

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you what your posh boy name would be


Keeping Up With The Kardashians is ending after 14 years

But what about the memes???

How long would you last on Below Deck? Take this quiz to find out

Take your £500 tip and GET OFF THIS BOAT

Where are the crew of Below Deck Season 1 now?

Is David still with Trevor someone tell me PLEASE

This is what the cast of Winter Love Island are up to now

Does anyone actually care

This is how old the queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 5 are

Blair St. Clair is the youngest, obv

Instagram is bringing out its own version of TikTok called ‘Reels’

First they take Snapchat Story, now THIS

PSA: Love Island Australia’s Grant Crapp had a secret girlfriend the ENTIRE TIME

As IF this show couldn’t get any more wild

Every single person you will encounter at the pub on Super Saturday

Welcome to hell!

Which Love Island Australia girl would you couple up with? Take this quiz to find out

You know what, I’d wanna couple up with all of them

Quiz: Which Love Island Australia girl are you?

I need to be Erin

Quiz: Which character from The OC are you?

Can I be Captain Oats?

You can see up to six people outside from Monday, Boris Johnson announces

People can meet in gardens and private outdoor spaces

You can’t say you’ve gone to a British university unless you’ve done these 65 things

41) Drank out of one of those big Sports Direct mugs

31 useless things you learnt in secondary school that have never helped you in real life

Trigonometry comes in handy on a daily basis

Students are fully freaking out at the idea of uni lectures being online next year


There’s officially 14 drunk lockdown personas, but which one are you?

Is it legal to be a mixture of all of them?

Quiz: Which Modern Family character are you really?

It’s Phil or nothing tbh

Why did every British secondary school enforce these 37 ridiculously dumb school rules?

Excuse me but I feel Ofsted should know about this

‘She died terrified and alone’, Grace Millane’s mother tells murderer in court

‘You have ripped a hole in my heart’

Caroline Flack’s family have released her unseen Instagram message

She was advised not to share the message on social media

These 23 The Stranger memes will make you want to binge the Netflix series all over again

‘It’s so full of twists it’s hurting my neck’

Which Love Island girl would you couple up with? Take this quiz to find out

We can’t all couple up with queen Shaughna

‘You’ season three is being made right now, executive producer confirms


All the crazy differences between The Stranger book and Netflix series

Urrr, The Stranger is a man in the book?

There’s a shortage of certain contraceptive pills in the UK

Some pills have been discontinued

Everything we know about Netflix’s The Stranger season two

Can Netflix commission a second season now please

The Stranger ending explained: How all the characters know one another


What is PCP? The ‘angel dust’ drug used in Netflix’s The Stranger

It can make people feel dreamlike

Which Love Island boy would you couple up with? Take this quiz to find out

If it’s not Luke T or Nas I’m outta here

Inside the mega luxurious Love Island Casa Amor villa

Can I live here lol

Meet the first four ‘confirmed’ Islanders heading into Casa Amor

One word: fit

If the winter Love Islanders were at university, this is what they’d be like

Nas would definitely be the house mum

Winter Love Island siblings: Meet the Islanders’ brothers and sisters

Mike’s twin brothers are just wow

Documents reveal texts student sent to her boyfriend before he killed himself

Inyoung You appeared in court yesterday for involuntary manslaughter

Take this Netflix Cheer quiz to find out which Navarro cheerleader you truly are

Please be Jerry please be Jerry

How to get to sleep before an exam, fast

It’s all in the breathing

The trailer for Sally Rooney’s Normal People adaptation is finally here

It’s a 12-part series

Netflix Cheer Instagrams: These are all the Navarro cheerleaders’ Instagrams

Can I follow Jerry twice?

These 39 hilarious Netflix Cheer memes would win first place at Daytona

Not being dramatic but I would die for Jerry

Netflix Cheer: This is what the Navarro cheerleaders are up to now


Meet Mia Regan, Romeo Beckham’s British model girlfriend

Probably the best looking couple in the world rn

19-year-old British woman found guilty of Ayia Napa false rape claim

She has been held in Cyprus since July

These 27 Gavin and Stacey Christmas special memes are absolutely crackin’


Caroline Flack speaks out on Instagram after denying assault charge in court

She pleaded not guilty

These 17 Don’t F**k With Cats reactions sum up how creeped out everyone is

Watch it, but also don’t??

Caroline Flack ‘hit boyfriend over the head with a lamp’, court hears

She is in court today

Toff held in an ‘immigration detention centre’ after losing passport pages

She was held for nine hours

What your favourite Celebrations chocolate says about you

Malteasers are for all the basic betches out there

Vote for this year’s most eligible bachelorette 2019

How do I vote for them all

It’s time to vote for 2019’s most eligible bachelor


Quiz: Can you guess the British university from just one little picture?

Enjoy this five minutes of procrastination

The kids from Outnumbered are all grown up! This is what they’re up to now

Okay Jake hasn’t changed a bit

Woman who met with Grace Millane’s killer speaks out about their Tinder date

She claims he was ‘testing theories’ on her

Scientists have developed a contraceptive pill you only take once-a-month

I’m listening

‘Boris is a wasteman’ projected onto Eton College walls

He went to school there

Man found guilty of killing Lincoln graduate Grace Millane

He will be sentenced in February

Grace Millane jury hear closing statements in murder trial 

The prosecutor said: ‘You can’t consent to your murder’

It’s official: Labour is going to abolish tuition fees and bring back maintenance grants

They’re also going to crackdown on private landlords

Inside The Apprentice 2019 house: The ultra fancy £11m north London mansion

You can buy it now!

Jo Malone is selling perfumes in Zara and they are CHEAP


These 19 psychology memes are so relatable it’s like they read your mind

I feel seen

An investigation into Brooklyn Beckham’s past flings and girlfriends

Wow they’re all exceptionally hot

Love Island’s Tommy and Curtis are getting their own TV show

Bromance baby

These 27 The Apprentice rollercoaster memes will be the ride of your life

Seriously how did that Insomnia ride win?

Shantay you stay! Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK confirmed for second series


The harrowing story behind Netflix’s new true crime docu ‘The Devil Next Door’

It’s a true story about concentration camp officer ‘Ivan the Terrible’

Quiz: Which Love Island Australia boy would you couple up with and emigrate for?

Is there an option to couple up with them all?

All the crazy extra details Netflix’s Tell Me Who I Am missed out

Marcus and Alex have a brother and sister

Cassie from Love Island Australia auditioned for The X Factor and my ears hurt

You literally love to see it

Inside McKamey Manor: The haunted house where you sign a waiver incase you die

This is genuinely terrifying

Netflix’s Tell Me Who I Am is as shocking as Abducted in Plain Sight

It’s based on a true story

Alexa, how do I become as fashionable as this week’s best dressed on campus?

Seriously, I need answers

Can you guess what course these people study, purely based on their clothes?

Probably not

Oxford Uni bans clapping for jazz hands to stop people being triggered

The policy is more inclusive for people with anxiety and sensory issues

Take the 11+ exam and prove you’re not dumber than a 10-year-old

Don’t forget to show mum your results

The Apprentice 2019 cast ages: This is how old the cast of The Apprentice are

Ryan-Mark and Lottie are 19

But how much of a crisps slut are you really? Take this quiz to find out

I bleed crisps

Love Island Australia is back on ITVBe TONIGHT


Suspect re-arrested on suspicion of terrorism for Arndale stabbings

He is currently in custody

19-year-old woman confirmed as one of the Arndale stabbing victims

She is said to be in a stable condition

Girls tell the creepy ways exes have tried to get back in contact with them

Please, add me on LinkedIn

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have broken up and honestly, love is dead

This day officially SUCKS

These are the best dressed people from Lost Village festival

Obviously we weren’t going to do a best dressed from Reading and Leeds

This is what the cast of Euphoria look like in real life

Kat is literally the same and I can die happy

Remember to breathe as you gaze at these 17 pics of Danny from Love Island

I need a lie down

Quiz: How much of a snake are you?

Curtis got 90 per cent in this quiz

Which Love Island girl are you? Take this quiz to find out

If I’m not Yewande or Amber I will scream

This is what the cast of Love Island Australia Season 1 are up to now

Josh and Amelia are still together!!

Topshop is going to be on ASOS !!!


This is who you’re going to turn into when you move to London

Guildford girls work in PR and spend £8 on tuna poke every day

These 23 Brienne memes are the best thing to come out of the Game of Thrones finale


17 questions I urgently need answering about Dead to Me so I can get on with my life

No seriously, who calls their child Bambi?

The hidden meaning behind the Game of Thrones White Walker spiral

There’s spoilers from the word GO

Quiz: Which Friday Night Dinner character are you?

Lovely bit of squirrel Jackie

We found the Game of Thrones cast audition tapes and they are GOLDEN

Arya is so small!!!

Which Game of Thrones character would you most like to punch in the face?

It’s Joffery, surely

Fleabag will not be returning for a third series

Fleabag’s sister told BBC Breakfast this morning