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The hidden meaning behind the Game of Thrones White Walker spiral

There’s spoilers from the word GO

Quiz: Which Friday Night Dinner character are you?

Lovely bit of squirrel Jackie

We found the Game of Thrones cast audition tapes and they are GOLDEN

Arya is so small!!!

Which Game of Thrones character would you most like to punch in the face?

It’s Joffery, surely

Fleabag will not be returning for a third series

Fleabag’s sister told BBC Breakfast this morning

Former pupils confess juicy secrets from the poshest schools in Britain

‘Our cookery teacher taught us how to open champagne bottles with a sword’

The little sexist things boys need to stop doing to girls in the club

Share with your pals who creep on girls on the dancefloor x

Who is Lady Eliza Manners? The Newcastle student who lives in a massive castle

No seriously you should see this castle

Meet the returner girl: The cunning mastermind every girl group needs

She has next day delivery for every shop and we are not worthy

Girls share their 41 ultimate red flags during sex and they will leave you shook

10. If he won’t go down on you

Say hello to Emma Mackey, Leeds graduate and Maeve Wiley in Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’

She is identical to Margot Robbie and I’m jealous

Just a list of things which aren’t a substitute for a personality

Loves dogs, gin enthusiast, pizza diet x

Not that anyone has asked this, but which 2018 meme is your uni?

*Clicks article* Brain: Don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it. Mouth: This is the best article I’ve ever read.

Southampton’s Archie Ball is this year’s Maddest Fresher

He won with nearly 25 per cent of the vote

Roll up roll up, here comes this year’s Maddest Fresher 2018 nominees

Not another one!!!

Jack commented on Dani’s Insta post and she REPLIED and I’m SO confused


New Zealand police find body during Grace Millane murder investigation

The body is yet to be formally identified

‘Sex seemed to be for men’: Why girls have their first orgasm later than boys

People are campaigning for the female orgasm to be taught in school

Quiz: Which Love Island Australia boy would you couple up and have a cheeky pash with?

It’s Josh or nothing imho

‘Pineapple Boobs’: Hopefully the final Instagram trend you’ll see this year

When will it end