Drive to Survive ages: How old are the Formula 1 drivers?

Lando Norris is only 21 🥺

When watching Netflix’s Formula 1: Drive to Survive, it’s hard not to notice how young some of the drivers are. Lando Norris and George Russell look like they could be fresh out of sixth form, and Alex Albon and Leclerc don’t look much older – so what are the ages of the Drive to Survive Formula 1 drivers and who is officially the youngest on the track?

These are the ages of the Drive to Survive Formula 1 drivers: 

Lewis Hamilton

Age: 36

Absolute champ Lewis Hamilton, who won his seventh F1 world title in 202o and overtook Michael Schumacher’s previous record of 91 races won, is 36 years old, making him the second oldest driver on the track.

Valtteri Bottas

Age: 31

“To whom it may concern, fuck you” Valtteri Bottas is 31, making him five years younger than his Mercedes team mate Lewis Hamilton.

Max Verstappen

Age: 23

Verstappen is only 23 years old, making him one of the youngest drivers on the grid. It was an ambition of Red Bull and Christian Horner for Max to become the youngest world champion, a record set by Sebastian Vettel who won the drivers’ championship age 23.

Alex Albon

Age: 25

Alex Albon is two years older than his Red Bull team mate Max Verstappen. After a shaky 2020 series, Albon’s seat was dropped by Red Bull in replacement of Racing Point’s Sergio Perez. He is now the reserve driver for the team.

Sergio Perez

Age: 31

Perez, who finished fourth in the 2020 driver standings for Racing Point, has now joined the Red Bull team. He’s 31 years old.

Lance Stroll

Age: 22

Lance Stroll is only 22 years old (!), making him the second youngest driver on the track. Stroll drives for racing Racing Point, the team his dad Lawrence Stroll bought as Force India in 2018. Racing Point has now rebranded to become Aston Martin.

Charles Leclerc

Age: 23

Like Red Bull rival Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc is 23. Leclerc races for Ferrari, with the 2021 season being his third year in the red car.

Sebastian Vettel

Credit: Netflix

Age: 33

After a tumultuous year at Ferrari, Vettel has left the team to join Aston Martin, previously Racing Point, alongside Lance Stroll. The 33-year-old is a four-time F1 world champion.

Carlos Sainz

Age: 26

Carlos Sainz drove for McLaren in the 2019 and 2020 Formula 1 series, but has now moved to Ferrari replacing Sebastian Vettel as the team’s second driver. He is 26 years old.

Lando Norris

Age: 21

Out of all the Drive to Survive Formula 1 ages, Lando Norris is the youngest driver on the track at just 21 years old. The Bristol-born racer will be driving for McLaren again this season.

Daniel Ricciardo

Age: 31

By far the funniest man on the track Daniel Ricciardo is 31. Ricciardo raced for Renault for the 2019-20 seasons after a shock exit from Red Bull in 2018, but made the move to McLaren for the 2021 season following a poor year of results at Renault, which has now rebranded to Alpine.

Esteban Ocon

Age: 24

Esteban Ocon has stayed on to race for Renault, now known as Alpine. He is 24 years old.

George Russell

Age: 23

George Russell struggled to make much traction in the 2020 season for Williams, but had a belter of a race when he got to drive for Mercedes at the Sakhir Grand Prix. It looked like he was going to win, until an accidental tyre switch and then a puncture ruined his chances. But Georgey has a long career ahead at him at just 23.

Nicholas Latifi

Age: 25

25-year-old Latifi remains at Williams for the 2021 season, his second year on the team alongside George Russell.

Pierre Gasly

Age: 25

Pierre Gasly had a savage 2019 season after being pulled from the Red Bull team and moved to AlphaTauri, whilst Alex Albon jumped into his RB seat. The move caused some decent dogfights on the track between the two drivers, and 25-year-old Gasly remains at AlphaTauri this year.

Daniil Kyvat

Age: 26

Kyvat was released from AlphaTauri in 2020, making room for newbie Yuki Tsunoda. He is now the reserve driver for the Alpine team, alongside Ocon and Alonso.

Romain Grosjean

Age: 34

Romain Grosjean survived a horrific crash at the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix, when his car went up in flames. Despite being trapped in the fire ball for nearly 30 seconds, somehow Grosjean managed to walk away from the burning car. The 34-year-old was dropped from Haas for the 2021 season.

Kevin Magnussen

Age: 28

After a disappointing 2020 season, Haas driver Kevin Magnussen and his team mate Romain Grosjean were replaced by newcomers Nikita Mazepin and Mick Schumacher.

Kimi Räikkönen

Age: 41

Kimi Räikkönen is 41 years old, making him the oldest racer on the track. Alfa Romeo decided to keep the same drivers for the 2021 season, making it Räikkönen’s third season at the team.

Antonio Giovinazzi

Age: 27

The Alfa Romeo driver is 14 years younger than his team mate at 27 years old.

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