Best dressed on campus 2020: Vote for who you think is this year’s most stylish student

Hey Google, how do I look as good as these people

Members of the jury, you have heard throughout your time at university different arguments made for which institution has the best dressed students. Some have repeatedly been found not guilty on several counts – York, Aberystwyth, Kent – and others like Manchester and Bristol have consistently been found guilty. But now after much deliberation and debate, I must present to you my closing statement of 2020: Exeter has the best dressed students on campus.

I can tell from the look in your eyes and your balled up fists that you think this statement is worthy of high treason, banishment, tarring and feathering. No I’m not delusional, I haven’t dreamt this unfathomable truth in some messed up lucid dream, because good people of UK unis, this fact is based on cold, hard evidence.

I present to you below the evidence in question: photographs taken this year as part of The Tab’s best dressed on campus series. Students from Exeter make up the majority, but there’s also some fierce competition coming from other campuses, including Aberdeen, Southampton, Sussex and Birmingham.

But look, we’re not even here to single out one uni (but Exeter, honestly, call me) – what we’re really here for is to decide which individual student was categorically the best dressed on campus this year. The competition is HOT, so vote below for who you think deserves this accolade most:

Ellen, Exeter

Jasmine, Sussex

Elijah, Exeter

Charlie, Liverpool

Oliver, Exeter

Katie, Sussex

Woj, Southampton

Amba, Exeter

Gina, Coventry

Moyo, Exeter

Grace, Southampton

Ronnie, Exeter

Josh, Birmingham

George, Exeter

Agneta, Southampton

Miranda, Exeter

Rida, Exeter

Wensi, Aberdeen

Marshall, Southampton

Josh, Exeter

Angelica, Southampton

Mishaal, Exeter

Antonia, Exeter

Shannon, Southampton 

Isaac, Exeter

Isabella, Exeter

Naomi, Exeter

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