The Cabins: Inside the luxury houses for ITV’s new ‘Winter Love Island’ dating show

Why did they go to South Africa when these were on the cards


When ITV told us they were producing a Winter Love Island series, we had visions of the islanders all cosied up in a chalet on some snowy mountain top, drinking champagne (or cheap £4 fizzy wine like you get in the VIP section of a club) in a jacuzzi, a roaring fire and frostbite. Instead, we got a plush villa in South Africa and a half-baked series. But now, ITV have brought home the goods and the kind of winter dating show we were originally seeking: The Cabins. 

Starting January 4th, contestants have 24 hours to see if they match with their cabin mate. If they do, they can prolong their stay in their cushty cabin, or if there’s no spark they can ‘check out’. But from the sneak peek pics of inside the cabins, it looks like you’d want to stay there as long as possible. 

There’s jacuzzis, snug outside areas, velvet, fur, leopard print, fairy lights – everything you want to make the mood sexy

There’s three cabins in total, and each is designed slightly differently from the other. They all have a jacuzzi though, and that’s obviously the most important thing. 

Take a look inside The Cabins:

The Cabins starts January 4th at 9pm on ITV2

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