Can you actually name more than five people who were on winter Love Island?

I don’t even know who the people in this picture are


Pour one out for the forgotten children of winter Love Island, truly the show’s least memorable contestants in its history. It wasn’t just that winter Love Island was a little more Love Island than we actually wanted, but the 32 cast members who passed through the villa were the most boring islanders possible.

Even last night, when combing through the best bits of past series in lieu of a new series, the winter lot didn’t even really get any airtime, and the poor buggers haven’t had the opportunity to make much of a mark on the joyless world of spon-con peddling because… well… you know… pandemic.

To ram the point home, we’ve made a quiz. The premise is simple, name as many of the cast who took part as possible in 10 minutes, including the poor losers from Casa Amor. If you can get more than five I’ll mail you 10p, I promise.

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