Vote: It’s time to truly decide, what is the most dramatic Love Island moment ever?

The toughest decision of them all

Last night was the first of three Love Island best bits compilation shows. This one saw a round up of some of the most dramatic bits ever. But only one of these can be the most dramatic Love Island moment ever, and this vote is going to finally decide which can take that crown.

The show has given us everything. From huge rows and explosive breakups to meltdowns and angry one-liners. But, out of every Love Island moment shown on the show last night, plus a couple of classic others, only one can truly be the most dramatic – cast your vote here.

But first, here are the nominations:

Adam saying he could ‘just bang’ Liana and then choose Tina

Love Island, most, dramatic, moment, ever, vote

Everything unraveled for Adam in the “Mugged Off” challenge in season two. Two girls, Liana and Tina, were new in the villa and he had his eye on them both. He foolishly told the boys he could “just bang her [Liana] and then choose Tina.” He thought he’d got away with it, but then the challenge came where Islanders read out the things they’d been filmed saying about each other.

Liana was fuming, and planned to confront Adam. But he just sat on the day beds eating Snack a Jacks whilst she shouted at him.

Anton and Belle’s epic fight in the Love Island club

Some context, Anton and Belle’s entire relationship was a wild ride. He’d just snogged Anna in a challenge (and somehow thought that was going to get him brownie points???) and given his number to a local shop keeper – Belle was livid. She went fully in on him.

When Jonny called Theo a ‘gigantic bellend’

Theo had just coupled up with Tyla, who Jonny was with. He was not happy.

Malin coming back to the villa to confront Terry

Malin and Terry argued a lot – over everything from cheese toasties to t-shirts. But then they became official in the villa. In a shocking twist, Malin was voted out of the villa and just days later Terry re-coupled with Emma.

Obviously, this was seen as him cheating on Malin, and when he thought he was just being sent out for drinks with Scott, Malin showed up!!! She confronted him, there was a huge argument and he tried to dramatically exit – but he took her sunglasses with him. Iconic.

Tom wanting to see if Maura was ‘all mouth’

Oh boy, you really couldn’t write this if you tried. Tom and Maura were moments away from a lovely night together in the Hideaway. Then Tom ushered those fatal words: “It’ll be interesting to see if she’s all mouth or not”. Maura overheard and slammed him for his “dickhead comment”.

Then he came and chased her upstairs and tried to beg forgiveness like a lost puppy. He continued to dig his grave by trying to lie his way out saying he was repeating what the boys had said… like Maura wasn’t there to overhear the entire thing. Yikes.

Olivia and Kady’s Hideaway meltdown

Love Island, most, dramatic, moment, ever, vote

Back in season two, Olivia and Kady were coupled up with Alex and Scott. But then two new girls came into the villa and took Alex and Scott out on dates whilst Olivia and Kady were locked in the Hideaway. Kady and Olivia responded by, quite literally, kicking and screaming, lying on the floor and having a meltdown.

As the four left for the dates, Kady shouted “you’re a c***” at Scott’s date Tina, and when they returned called her a “basic Made In Chelsea reject bitch”. Nice Kady, nice.

Amy coming back here to tell Curtis she loved him

After Casa Amor, Amy was ready to return to the main villa and confess her feelings to Curtis. But his head had been turned while the girls were away by Jourdan, who didn’t even fancy him anyway. It was horrifically messy.

The Georgia and Jack who kissed who drama

Jack was coupled up with Laura, but then went on a date with Georgia. On the date, he said he was happy with Laura and tried to politely kiss her on the cheek goodbye at the end of the date. Georgia went in again and literally grabbed Jack’s face and kissed him. Georgia came back to the villa and bare face lied to everyone saying they kissed each other purposely. Laura kicked off. Georgia kicked off. Even Ellie kicked off. Not so loyal, babe.

When Kady and Malia had a fight in the garden

Malia had just arrived and declared her interest in Scott, who was coupled up with Kady. The girls were sat around the fire pit next to each other, and Kady dropped her drink down Malia’s leg. Malia went nuts, saying she had done it on purpose. They had a MASSIVE row and within about an hour of arriving in the villa, Malia was kicked out.

Anna going IN on Jordan for cracking on with India

Anna and Jordan had just become official. It was all looking rosy in their relationship. But then, he decided he wanted to get to know India?! A day after he asked Anna to be his girlfriend?! You couldn’t make it up.

Obviously, Anna being Anna was not going to sit down and take this lightly. She went over to him and gave him hell. I don’t think I’ve ever gasped so much at a TV programme before. Incredible scenes.

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