Reliving the most dramatic Casa Amor moments in Love Island history

I will never be over ‘I licked her tit or whatever’


Casa Amor is officially upon us. It’s the time in Love Island where the drama truly heats up. The Casa Amor Islanders are settling in and the boys and girls are already making their moves. Casa Amor provides us with some of the most iconic Love Island moments every single time.

Remember when Michael recoupled with Joanna? Or when Josh walked in with Kaz after Georgia had stayed loyal? Or when Shaughna uttered the iconic words, “congrats, hun”? We need that JUICY television this year too. Here’s a rundown of the wildest Casa Amor moments on Love Island, ever.

1. When Michael recoupled with Joanna, 2019

Casa Amor in 2019 gave us one of the most shocking Love Island moments ever. You will remember for the rest of your life exactly where you were when Michael ushered those crucial words: “I would like to recouple.” He’d been coupled up with Amber and, at the time, everyone thought they were real deal and would probably go on to win it. But Michael went on to say in his speech that Casa Amor had “opened his eyes” and he’d “bit his tongue” before saying he wanted to couple up with Joanna. Amber walked into the villa alone and simultaneously the heart of every viewer was broken.

Nobody at home could believe their eyes. The villa was shook to its core. The world would never be the same again. The memes from that episode alone were absolutely crazy, and the facials from all of the girls were unforgettable:

Casa Amor moments, Casa Amor, Love Island, best bits, dramatic, wildest, highlights, dramatic, recoupling, winter, 2019, 2020

Casa Amor moments, Casa Amor, Love Island, best bits, dramatic, wildest, highlights, dramatic, recoupling, winter, 2019, 2020, Michael, Amber

Casa Amor moments, Casa Amor, Love Island, best bits, dramatic, wildest, highlights, dramatic, recoupling, winter, 2019, 2020

Casa Amor moments, Casa Amor, Love Island, best bits, dramatic, wildest, highlights, dramatic, recoupling, winter, 2019, 2020

2. *That* postcard sent back to the main villa, 2017

In season three, the entire main villa was shook when the girls received a postcard from Casa Amor, where the boys were staying. On the postcard was a picture of Chris Hughes in bed with a girl, Marcel in bed with a girl, Jonny in bed with a girl and Kem kissing someone else.

Montana took the postcard to the rest of the Islanders. Olivia was fuming, Gabby ran off crying and the villa was left in complete turmoil.

3. When Kem and Amber both recoupled, 2017

Kem and Amber were the nation’s sweethearts of 2017. Having been together from the start, they were the couple who everyone saw going all the way. But during their Love Island journey things took a shocking turn. After the postcard had been delivered back to the girls, Amber saw that Kem was cracking on with someone else. Kem ended up walking back into the villa with Chyna, and Amber recoupled with Nathan.

Casa Amor moments, Casa Amor, Love Island, best bits, dramatic, wildest, highlights, dramatic, recoupling, winter, 2017, 2020, Kem, Amber, Chyna

4. Curtis said Casa Amor proved he’d been ‘lying to himself’ but he coupled up with Amy anyway, 2019

Casa Amor was a confusing time for Curtis and Amy. Curtis had been grafting with Jourdan whilst Amy was away, but Jourdan was having none of it. In Curtis’ recoupling speech he said he’d been lying to himself by sticking with Amy, because a “young lady” walked into the villa and turned his head. But then he coupled up with Amy anyway. She strolled in all relieved, not knowing that she had a huuuuuge storm coming her way.

5. ‘I was coming back here to tell you I loved you’, 2019

Amy. Oh, Amy. She had a rough ol’ time in the villa. She was head over heels for Curtis, who made it seem like he was too. She came back from Casa Amor to tell him she loved him but unbeknownst to her, he’d told Jourdan he fancied her. Biiiiiiig yikes moment.

6. When Josh recoupled with Kaz and Georgia was livid, 2018

Possibly the wildest Casa Amor moment ever came in 2018. Georgia and Josh had us all convinced. They were real. They were cute. They were LOYAL. But then Josh went to Casa Amor, saw Kaz, started jumping around on the bed over her, and recoupled.

As he walked into the villa with his new girl, Georgia was left standing alone. “He’s fucked it man. He’s fucked it. Why would you do that to me?”, Georgia said. The iconic hair flip and breathe out was when we all knew Georgia Steel was an icon.

7. Jack Fincham’s ex was put in and Dani broke down, 2018

2018 was full of intense Casa Amor moments, one being when the girls were shown footage of the guys. Most notably, Jack Fincham realising that one of the new girls was his ex-girlfriend. Dani broke down in tears, saying: “This is bullshit. It always happens to me. As soon as I’m happy something happens to me. It’s like I’m not allowed to be happy.”

Dani went to the Beach Hut to talk about how upset she was, adding: “I knew it was too good to be true.” The Love Island producers were accused of emotional abuse for showing that footage to Dani, but not that Jack had stayed loyal to her and was sleeping outside alone. He had told the boys how much he missed her, and said he had fallen in love with her. After the episode aired, Ofcom received 2,644 complaints over the treatment of Dani Dyer. 

8. Megan Barton-Hanson stole Wes from Laura, then recoupled with Alex anyway, 2018

Megan Barton-Hanson was the biggest gift of Love Island 2018, so of course she wasn’t going to sit back during Casa Amor. Megan had made it her personal mission to steal Wes from Laura. She asked him to kiss her and she won her man. But then in a shock twist, she ditched him for Specsavers model Alex, in Casa Amor. Wes arrived in the villa alone.

Megan pretended to be shocked, but she knew what she’d done. The drama, I love it.

9. The arrival of Ovie Soko, 2019

Casa Amor 2019 blessed us with the arrival of Ovie Soko. That is all.

10. ‘Congrats, hun’, 2020

The winter series of Love Island wasn’t exactly full of many great moments, but Shaughna in Casa Amor definitely was one. Her and Callum were the strongest couple of the series so far, having been together since the very start. However, Callum had his head turned by the drop-dead gorgeous Molly Smith and decided to recouple with her after Casa Amor. As he walked into the villa with his new girl on his arm, and explaining why he made his decision, Shaughna had nothing to say to him apart from “Congrats, hun”. It was iconic.

11. Lillie straight up making sure Liam got away with NOTHING, 2021

Casa Amor in 2021 was all about Millie, Liam and Lillie. Millie and Liam looked pretty secure ahead of Casa Amor, but next thing you know Liam is kissing Lillie outside of challenges and sharing a bed with her. However, he came back to the main villa alone, and was hoping he could get back with Millie and pretend all of his week away antics were forgotten. He definitely forgot how hard the Love Island producers work.

Naturally, they brought Lillie back into the main villa to share how wronged she felt having not been chosen in the recoupling. She said she was “shocked” and “surprised”, and had a “reciprocated” good connection with one of the boys. When asked who she had a connection with in Casa Amor, Lillie declared it was Liam and all hell broke loose.

12. ‘I licked her tit or whatever’, 2022

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