Vote: Who are undeniably the best Love Island couple ever?

I want a bit of what Alex and Olivia have

Camilla and Jamie from Love Island 2017 are expecting a baby. Alex and Olivia are redecorating a mansion together. It seems like we have all forgotten some past Islanders actually did find love. Cara and Nathan are having baby number two and Siannise and Luke T are getting TikTok famous together.

There are a few Islander couples who have stood the test of time and are still going strong. But, out of every Love Island couple which are still together only one can truly be the best – and this vote will categorically decide that once and for all.

Cara and Nathan

Love Island, couple, still together, vote, best

Cara and Nathan won Love Island 2016 together. Yes they may have broken up for a bit, but since then they’ve had a baby, got married and have recently announced baby number two is on the way. They’ve proven true love really can come out of Love Island, and they were great value together on the show.

Olivia and Alex

Love Island, couple, still together, vote, best

There’s no point even trying to argue otherwise, Olivia and Alex Bowen are the absolute dream. They’ve stayed together since they were on the show in 2016, have just moved into a ginormous and amazing mansion and seem to be having fun together and living their best lives. And it goes without saying, they are one of the fittest couples anyone has ever laid eyes on. I want a slice of what they have.

Camilla and Jamie

Camilla and Jamie are possibly the most wholesome couple to come out of Love Island. Camilla was nervous and scared to open up with any of the boys on the show until Calvin Klein model Jamie came and swept her off her feet. They left the 2017 villa together and now do charity work and post the most adorable couple pics. Oh, and they’ve just announced they’re expecting a baby. They make me believe in true love.

Jess and Dom

Love Island, couple, still together, vote, best

Jess and Dom were one of the couples not a lot of people backed. They were quite controversial on the show and not many people thought they would go the distance. Fast forward three years and they’re married, have a baby and seem to be living the absolute life together. Nothing but respect.

Molly-Mae and Tommy

Love Island, couple, still together, vote, best

Molly-Mae and Tommy completed Love Island. They were the Islander generation where the main prize was a few million Instagram followers and a clothing line. Molly-Mae and Tommy have done just that, with a combined following of over seven million. Molly-Mae has had her own clothing line and launched a fake tan brand, and they have a YouTube channel together. They are winning.

Paige and Finn

Paige and Finn won the most recent, winter series of Love Island together. Since they left the villa they’ve been placed in lockdown because of the pandemic so they haven’t really had the chance to embrace fame. But they’ve been isolating together and are yet to break up, which must be a good sign?

Siannise and Luke T

Love Island, couple, still together, vote, best

Siannise and Luke T won our hearts on winter Love Island. We wanted nothing but the world for them and loads of us backed them to win the show. They didn’t, they came second, but in terms of love they appear to have won. They are also currently isolating together and, after proving they have mad chemistry on the dance floor in the villa, they have continued to post dancing videos on TikTok. We stan a modern Love Island love.

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