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ITV2 has a new dating show coming called ‘The Cabins’ and applications are open now

Is this going to be winter Love Island again??

ITV2 are launching a new dating show called “The Cabins” and it looks like it’s going to have proper winter Love Island vibes. Like actual winter with fires and hot chocolate, not bikinis in South Africa like last time.

They’ve joined forces with 12 Yard Productions and are currently looking for people to take part. The application says they are looking for people to make a proper connection and get rid of the fakery that comes with modern dating. Sounds a bit like Love Is Blind to me.

The website says: “12 Yard Productions are now casting for a ground-breaking dating show for ITV2 giving you a unique opportunity to build a real emotional connection with someone that’s often lacking in modern dating.

“We are looking for funny singles with great personalities who are fed up with superficial dating apps, small talk that goes nowhere and endless ghosting.”

ITV2 have already set up an Instagram account for the show and have posted a few pictures promoting the show with wintery vibes and advertising for people who are “fed up of fast and superficial dating”.

You have to be 18 and over to apply for the show and applications close on 30th November. To apply for ITV2’s  “The Cabins” visit 12 Yard Productions.

Featured image credit: ITV2

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