This is what the cast of Winter Love Island are up to now

Does anyone actually care

Isn’t it weird that Winter Love Island was this year? Can you recall any knee-slapping scenes, debaucherous activity and other than the iconic “congrats….hun”, anything remotely dramatic? I bet you can’t even name more than 10 of the Winter Love Islanders in under a minute. But where are the Winter Love Island cast now, and what the hell have they been up to?

After being locked up in their houses unable to promote car air fresheners or do club appearances in Swindon, the Winter Love Island cast have been back in the news for one reason or another. Molly (refresh: Casa Amor, banging purple two piece, managed to bag Callum from Shaughna) has landed herself a six-figure deal with In The Style, Luke M’s now with last summer’s Lucie Donlan, and Paige Turely has got a new song out.

Six months on, and they’re finally able to milk their tepid time on Love Island. This is what the cast of Winter Love Island are up to now:

Paige Turley 

Starting with the winners of Love Island series six, Paige and boyf Finn have moved into a new, slightly soulless looking flat in Manchester, which seems to be the number one most desirable place for Islanders to live post-show, maybe because that’s where the PLT office is. They even got an OK! Magazine spread out of it.

Paige recently brought out her brand new single, a cover of indisputable banger Movin’ Too Fast. Her version sounds a little GarageBand/A-level project, but it’s still a jam. It’s currently on 75k Spotify listens so…yeah!

She’s currently sitting on 1.8m Instagram followers, and has been doing spon-con with Boux Avenue, Carmex and Nasty Gal – so all the usuals.

Finley Tapp

One of the most (and only) dramatic moments of Winter Love Island was finding out Finley Tapp was only 20 years old at the time of filming.

Go on his Instagram, you’ll see this man still loves a smoulder and a matching two piece (see above AND below), thanks to spon-con with men’s clothing brand ‘HISCOLUMN’ (who?), which tbf does seem to be serving the post-Love Island male wardrobe: tight joggers, tight t-shirts, pastel coloured co-ords, all round bad vibes.

Not much else is happening in the world of Finley, other than the big Manchester move, HISCOLUMN posts and of course, the occasional BoohooMAN ad. Oh and apparently he said he wants to propose to Paige soon.

Shaughna Phillips

The queen of Winter Love Island has, quite rightly, done well for herself. After carrying the whole show on her shoulders, Shaughna landed herself a ‘six figure brand deal’ with In The Style.

Fresh out of the villa it looked like she got her lips topped up and clothing line out, as well as 1.5m Instagram followers.

She’s doing a fair amount of spon-con for Protein World, and more recently promoted Hun wine – which is wine in a can and feels extremely appropriate for our girl Shaughna to be the face of.

Shaughna will be on TV again soon as part of the line up for Celebs Go Virtual Dating. Apparently she’s been getting on well with TOWIE’s Pete Wicks…

Siânnise Fudge

What a ride Siânnise had on Love Island. She was called Shawn’s Knees and Shinpads for nearly two weeks, but that all stopped when she saved Nas from going home and suddenly the nation respected her, and her name.

She quickly became the nation’s sweetheart, coupling up with Luke T and finishing second on the show.

Sine then, the Disney obsessive has been keeping busy by uploading about 378,322 TikToks a day with Luke, usually of them doing a lil dance.

They bucked the trend of moving to Manchester, and instead have moved in together to a “luxury flat” in south west London.

Siânnise has 1.8m Instagram followers, and has done spon-con with Spotify, Nasty Gal and Boux Avenue.

Luke Trotman 

Luke’s been living it up since the Love Island villa, spending lockdown at his family home in Luton with Siânnise and just dishing out some relatively good content, whether that’s TikToks, decent spon-con or just constant adoration posts for his gf. It’s all very wholesome.

He’s doing bits with Deliveroo and Spotify (two decent spon-con partners imo) and posting about his new flat in London. He’s got 1.5m followers. 

The biggest hoo-har to come out of Luke T and Siânnise’s relationship is when Luke posted this pic to his Instagram of him and Siânnise topless, saying he was helping out his dad pursue his passion for photography:

Some people in the comments thought it was a bit odd to get your kit off for your dad to take some snaps at home, but both Luke T and Siânnise hit back, with Siânnise saying: “I’m 26 years old and Luke’s dad is a professional photographer.”

Callum Jones

Callum went from having £50k in his back pocket to £-50k when he jumped from HMS Shaughna to HMS Molly in Casa Amor.

The good news is, Callum and Molly are still together in Manchester and look very loved up.

Callum kept in touch with a lot of the more rogue Islanders, like Biggs and Alexi, and still hangs out with Connor with the teeth.

Like Finley, he’s being doing some spon-con for HISCOLUMN to his 800k Instagram followers.

Molly Smith 

Same as above, except she’s pulled it right out the bag and managed to land herself a six figure deal with I Saw It First, launching a clothes line called “Along Came Molly”. A sterling effort for someone who came in at Casa Amor.

She’s got just over 700k Instagram followers, and I can confirm she’s still a 15/10.

Connor Durman

Connor is one of the few memorable people from the Winter Love Island series, but not really due to his performance, but because of his nashers.

Anyway, Connor had fairly dramatic exit from the villa, leaving on his own with partner Sophie Piper still in the villa.

Since leaving, Connor’s been hustling away at his coffee business called Naked Barista.

Connor and Sophie announced their split in July 2020, which was more of a shock because did anyone realise they were still together? The six month Love Island curse strikes again!!!!

He’s also dyed his hair blonde which is…a bit of a vibe??

Sophie Piper

Apart from the Big Split, it doesn’t seem much has been going on for Sophie Piper. Her Instagram is still v aesthetic, and she’s being doing some of the classic Love Island spon-con such as for hair growth gummies.

She’s also got a few model-looking pics where she’s tagged the brand, but it’s unclear whether that’s her doing spon-con for them, or if she just wants them to notice her nice pics.

Either way, she’s got just shy of 800k, so good effort Soph.

Jess and Eve Gale

The twins had completely opposite experiences in the villa: Eve was officially the first person to be kicked out the villa, and Jess ended up coming fourth place with Ched. Who would’ve thought it!

Despite only lasting six days in the villa, Eve still has 500k Instagram followers, and has managed to bag deals with Boohoo and Boux Avenue.

Jess Gale, despite finishing fourth, has just over 700k Insta followers. Her and Ched broke up in June 2020, citing distance and lockdown being the reasons for the split. A rep for Jess told the MailOnline: “After a whirlwind romance in the Love Island villa, unfortunately Jessica Gale and Ched Uzor have made the mutual decision to split. They have unfortunately felt the effects of lock down separation but will continue as friends. They wish nothing but the best for each other and full success in each others careers.”

Ched Uzor

Ched smashed Love Island, didn’t he? Came in at Casa Amor, coupled up with Jess, didn’t say a lot, but landed himself fourth place. Nice one.

The main updates: Ched and Jess broke up thanks to Miss Rona, and he’s still posting a lot of gym pics on his Insta. You’re up to date now.

Nas Majeed

Look, I’ll admit I had kinda forgotten about Nas. But upon hearing that him and Eva (from Casa Amor!!) have only just gone official and managed to out live the Love Island six month curse, I realised how could we forget this sweet, innocent house baby who at one point was the nation’s sweetheart who we wanted to protect at all costs?

Nas followed his heart and left with Eva, and the pair are still going strong despite the global pandemic.

His Insta shows he’s been doing some baking in lockdown and even a bit of gardening – he’s just like the rest of us!!!!

Leanne Amaning

Never forget when Leanne fully got the ick on Mike and she just could not even HANDLE him coming near her or speaking to her. When the ick gets you, it gets you good.

Leanne left the villa before her time. Since coming out, she’s been a little quiet and drama free, unlike some of her fellow Islanders (see Demi below).

Instead, she’s been uploading lots to her YouTube channel, where she talks about her time on LI, does make up tutorials and sometimes even her dad features, which is fun.

Her channel has 16.6k subscribers.

Demi Jones

Like Shaughna, Demi Jones was another queen of Winter Love Island. She was mugged off when Nas returned to the villa with Casa Amor’s Eva, but then found justice when sparks started flying with Luke M.

Demi and Luke M finished third place, but the pair split up three months after the show in May 2020.  A source close to the pair claimed that distance and lockdown meant it was impossible for the pair to work out.

However, fast forward a few months and Luke M is dating Lucie Donlan from Love Island last year. Demi got into some drama after writing an Instagram caption that seemed targeted at Lucie. Lucie posted on Instagram saying “Just recently I’ve been catching feelings…not flights”, and then Demi posted a caption saying “Honey.. you should take my advice catch that flight, not the feeling.”

Demi claims it wasn’t to do with Lucie and Luke but…well!!!!

Anyway petty drama and gossip aside, Demi has 1.1m Insta followers,  she’s been doing some beauty spon-con and released her own In The Style edit.

Luke Mabbott

So yeah!!! Luke M is now with Lucie Donlan!

The pair look pretty loved up with their surfing pics and matching hair colour, which now makes him look even more like Justin Bieber.


He’s got 1.2m Instagram followers unsurprisingly, and is doing a hella lot of BoohooMAN spon-con.

Rebecca Gormley

Rebecca had all the ingredients to be the Maura or Megan Barton-Hanson of series six. She preferred hanging out with the lads, tried it on with Callum, Connagh, Luke T, some others – and then eventually left the villa with Casa Amor’s Jordan. She didn’t quite live up to our MBH expectations, but she was definitely one of the fittest Islanders in the winter series.

But Jordan and Rebecca were over in a heartbeat, and Rebecca is now with Biggs! They’re even holidaying in Marbella together!!

Mike Boateng

And finally we come to Mike. Sure, there were more Winter Love Island cast members which could’ve been included in this where are they now series, but do you really want to know where every single person from Casa Amor is?

But Mike! Mike and Priscilla are still going strong and it looked like they quarantined together.

Mike was in the news because he had to attend a police disciplinary panel after he lied about the reasons he needed a day off work, claiming there was a problem with his flight coming back from New York. He said he did it out of panic, and luckily for Mike his name isn’t on the College of Policing barred list.

Aside from that, he’s been doing bits for BoohooMAN and has 450k followers.

Featured image: @_callum_jones

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