Louis Theroux Tiger King

Joe Exotic is not happy about Louis Theroux’s new documentary about him

He’s called it ‘chickenshit’


Louis Theroux announced yesterday that he will be releasing a new documentary all about the Tiger King Joe Exotic, and Joe is not happy about it.

Tweeting from prison, where he is currently serving a 22-year sentence for plotting to kill Carole Baskin and killing five tigers in his care, Joe Exotic called the documentary “chickenshit” adding he thought Louis Theroux had “more class” than to do a documentary about him whilst he’s behind bars.

Louis Theroux Tiger King

Joe Exotic (or whoever is running his Twitter), said: “Pretty Chickenshit that everyone is out there making documentaries and shit about Joe Exotic but they got Joe tucked away and unable to speak for himself while everyone gets paid to talk shit.

“Louis Theroux, I thought had more class than this. ‘The Cult of Joe Exotic’ WTF is that about?

“All I ever done was work my ass off in my own zoo and offer a bunch of misfits a place to call home while Carole Baskin has 150 volunteers working for free while she hates on the entire animal industry, and I am the Cult.”

Louis Theroux and the Tiger King first met for Louis’ ‘America’s Most Dangerous Pets’ documentary, which came out in 2011. After the success of Netflix’s Tiger King last year, Louis returned to Oklahoma to investigate the cult that now surrounds Joe Exotic. Louis reflects on old footage from his original documentary, speaks to those he interviewed in 2011, and catches up with Joe’s friends trying to get him released from prison. The new documentary was rumoured to be called Louis Theroux: The Cult of Joe Exotic, but it’s actually called Louis Theroux: Shooting Joe Exotic.

“This is one of those quintessentially American stories, taking place in the heartland of Oklahoma, with a cast of characters almost too colourful and larger-than-life to be believed”, Louis Theroux said.

“I spent eight or nine days filming at the park back in 2011, over the course of three separate visits. I’d forgotten how much we shot until I went back into the footage during lockdown. It’s extraordinary how much was there.

“Since then the story just got stranger and bigger, and in going back at the end of last year I uncovered a real-life drama that took me in directions I never could have expected.”

Louis Theroux: Shooting Joe Exotic airs April 5th on BBC

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness is available to watch on Netflix. For more Netflix news, follow The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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