Quiz: Which of the Tiger King big cat zoo owners are you?

We can’t all be the Tiger King himself

How do you even begin to describe the people that are featured in Netflix true crime documentary Tiger King? They are a bunch of big cat owners who have wild personalities, turbulent pasts and a whole lot of secrets. I don’t know about you, but straight after watching the series I couldn’t help but think – in their shoes what would I be like? Well this Tiger King quiz is about to tell you.

Are you a shady conman like Jeff Lowe? An eccentric cat lady (maybe with a few dark secrets???) like Carole Baskin? Or are you the true Tiger King Joe Exotic? Here’s your chance to find out just who from the world of extreme characters in Tiger King you are most like. Which in my opinion, is vital information for your life.

Take this Tiger King quiz to see which of the big cat zoo owners you are:

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