How long would you last on Below Deck? Take this quiz to find out

Take your £500 tip and GET OFF THIS BOAT

When I watch Below Deck I think “I could do this. This looks fun. Seven weeks in the British Virgin Islands making cocktails and smiling at horrible, bratty guests? I could do that. Easy.” But then by the end of the charter, when everyone’s looking like they’re about to die from exhaustion and hate one another, I decide I definitely couldn’t hack it. But how long do you think you would survive on $20m super yacht? Well before you go filling in any application forms, this Below Deck quiz will tell you just that.

The early wake up calls, awful guests, moody Chief Stews, pounding headache you’ve got thanks to a big night out on the mainland with the crew – it looks like a hardcore job and frankly, I wouldn’t survive two charters. But do you think you could hack it? Do you think you would enjoy putting the inflatable slide up, whilst organising a treasure hunt, AND memorising a five course meal made by Chef Ben? Take this Below Deck quiz to reveal if you’d be chucked off the boat by Captain Lee, or finish the charter with a big wad of cash in your pocket.

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