Meet the new partners of the Married at First Sight Australia Season 6 cast

Ning’s got a hot new boyfriend


Spoiler alert: not all the Married at First Sight Australia Season 6 cast come out of the experiment as couples. In fact, most break up at the end of the show. But like, are you surprised? Were you genuinely expecting two people who meet for the first time at their wedding to genuinely fall in love based on a 500 question form and a medical test? Some have their happy ever after, but overall the odds aren’t in their favour, which means there’s some new Married at First Sight Australia partners for you to meet – the boyfriends and girlfriends of the S6 cast who came onto the scene after the show.

A lot of the cast is still single, no doubt assisted by the global pandemic, but some managed to find love pre-2020 and are still with them today.

Here’s the new Married at First Sight Australia Season 6 partners (spoilers ahead): 


Cyrell is now with Love Island Australia’s Eden Dally. Honestly when I saw the pictures of them together my little mind was blown. Even more so when you realise they had a baby together.

Cyrell and Eden met at a party hosted by Jules (random), and hit it off from there. They’ve had a few break ups, but are making it work for their son Boston.

On Insta they both post lots of cute family shots.


Matty left MAFS Aus and found himself a new girlfriend, called Annabel.

He’s looking extremely loved up, and the pair seem to travel a lot, recently visiting Indonesia, Colorado and travelling around Australia together.


Mick’s found himself a new doll on the farm! Mick’s new girlfriend is called Kayla and they’ve been together for over a year.

Kayla moved up to Mick’s farm, and from Mick’s Instagram she’s been getting much more stuck into farm life compared to Jessika, who was convinced the sheep were out to bite her.


Rumour has it Bronson was seeing Hayley Wallis, but the pair haven’t been pictured together since September 2020.


Ning has got herself a hot new boyfriend! He’s called Kane Micallef, and the pair look chef’s kiss together. He features in pictures with her kids, so it’s clear he gets on with her family – something that Ning said was a must when finding a new man.


It’s good to see that the new Married at First Sight Australia partners include at least one MAFS couple who have both found love. Like Ning, Mark has got a new partner called Bianca Chatfield. She’s a former Australia netball player.

Like his co-stars, Mark and Bianca have spent their time together recently travelling. The pair were first rumoured to be together when Bianca’s family posted pics of Mark on Instagram at a family event.


Dan and Tamara split up on the show and Dan ended up re-coupling with Jessika, but Jess said the pair had broken up at the reunion show. But Dan’s got a new girlfriend now!

Dan and 24-year-old Amira have been together a few months, with Dan only debuting his first Insta post with Amira in February 2021.


Okay so obviously Susie was a complete nightmare on Married at First Sight Australia S6, and her behaviour towards Billy was toxic. But now, Susie is engaged to Todd Carney, a former Australian professional rugby league player, plus they’re expecting their first child together!


On Valentine’s Day Jessika posted a pic of her new boyfriend on Instagram. He’s called Filip, and according to his Insta he is a recording artist.

Jessika was previously linked to Geordie Shore’s Scotty T for a few weeks when the pair were touring night clubs together on the Gold Coast.

Plus, love rat Stephen Bear even dropped her a DM – but luckily Jessika saw sense and told The Sun she wouldn’t go near him after the revenge porn allegations.


Lizzie has very recently broken up with her boyfriend Seb Guilhaus. The pair met on Married at First Sight Australia Season 7, when they were the bombshell couple coming in mid-way through the series. They both posted on Instagram about the break up, saying: “We are both respectful of each other and are still involved in each other’s lives. We both have cherished each other and have grown together.”


MAFS Australia’s Mike debuted his new partner on Instagram in February 2021. She’s called Sonja, and she’s from the USA.

In his post, Mike said: Nice to have a girl who gets me. I’m pretty direct and often my filter gets clogged but she likes that about me. Her hugs are warm and she’s gentle and kind. She puts me in my place when I need it but also sees my soft side. I need that.” Soppy but okay.

Sonja has a seperate Instagram account for her pet Chihuahua called Fifi. The account has over 10,000 followers, which is probably 10x more than you. How depressing.

Nic, Ines, Sam, Lauren, Heidi, Billy, Tamara and are all reportedly still single.

Featured image: @mick_gould86

Married at First Sight Australia Season 6 is available to watch on All 4 now. 

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