This is how much cash the Married at First Sight Australia cast is making on Instagram

One of them is making £1,700 per post

A quick search of the Married at First Sight Australia Instagrams will show you that yes, most of the cast have quit their day jobs to become full time influencers. It is a rite of passage that no matter what reality TV show you go on, whether it’s Too Hot To Handle, Love Island or Love Is Blind, it is basically unheard of to go back to the 9-5 day job. Instead, there’s serious cash to be made via social media, and the Married at First Sight Australia Instagram earnings go shooting up thanks to sponsorship deals with fake tan and beauty brands, teeth whitening kits, PrettyLittleThing, and in Jessika’s case a sex toy company.

So, what are the Married at First Sight Australia Instagram earnings, and who is making the most bank?

*Spoilers ahead*

Matthew – £365 / $658

Matt is making the least amount of money out of the Married at First Sight Australia Season 6 cast, which isn’t too surprising considering he and Lauren dipped out first in the competition. But still, 300 quid for an Instagram post isn’t too bad.

Lauren – £381 / $687 

Lauren makes a little bit more than Matt on Instagram, at just under £400 per Insta post. Lauren does a bit of sponsored content, mainly for beauty and make up brands.

Sam – £414 / $746

Now I think Sam could’ve been making a lot more cash if he hadn’t shaved off his lovely hair and hadn’t left the experiment so early on when his, Lizzie’s and Ines’ love triangle fell apart. Sam’s Instagram is mainly just work out pics, suggesting he probably doesn’t get many spon-con requests.

Mike – £433 / $780

Mike makes around the £433 mark for Instagram posts, and he even asks people to DM him if you want to collab! From the amount of dog pics on his Instagram you would think Mike has a collab with a dog shelter or something.

Dino – £456 / $821

Dino makes more cash than Mike, despite leaving the competition much earlier in the experiment when him and Melissa called it quits. Dino still works in meditation and spirituality, and doesn’t do much spon-con.

Melissa  – £478 / $860

Melissa’s Instagram is a total delight, so it’s no wonder she can make just under £500 for an Instagram post. Despite leaving the experiment early, Mel brings in a few advertisement deals with beauty and jewellery companies.

Bronson – £533 / $960

Ngl I’m kinda amazed Bronson is this high up in the list after everything that happened on the show. Sure he was totally mugged off by Ines but like…£533 for a post feels a bit steep?? Bronson is still heading up his party boat business and has done a smidge of spon-con with Hello Fresh.

Nic – £537 /$966

Here we go – Nic has fully embraced the semi-influencer lifestyle by promoting things like spinach, protein powder and crisps. Go on Nic, you live your influencer fantasy! Despite getting some big brands, Nic is mid-range in the Married at First Sight Australia Instagram earnings, at £537 a post.

Mick – £596 / $1,073

Look I love Mick so I’m pretty happy but also amazed he is able to make just under £600 per post. But I know why – it’s cos he’s fit! There! I said it! Even holding this rattlesnake skin I’m sexually attracted to him. Take my £600 Mick take it!

Ning – £629 / $1,132

Ning’s got just under 200k Instagram followers so is in the top 10 MAFS cast members raking in the most cash via Instagram. Ning does hardly any spon-con posts, instead posting holiday snaps, pics of her kids and new boyfriend, and lots of food.

Ines – £661 / $1,188

No surprises here that Ines is making decent money off Instagram. If her and Sam had managed to couple up on the show, like if this was Love Island, then she probably would’ve been making even more dough. Ines promotes beauty and make up brands, underwear and work out gear.

Michael  – £666 / $1,197

Hottie Michael is making around £666 per Instagram post, making him the second highest earning Insta poster out of the MAFS S6 cast. Michael posts a lot of pics of him and Martha, work out shots and some hot mirror selfies. He deserves every penny of that £666 cheque imo x

Heidi – £708 / $1,273

Heidi can make some decent cash off Instagram if she wants – but she barely posts! Unlike her cast-members, Heidi seems to have shied away from letting the public into her life on social media. There’s a few posts of her at work and out with friends, but no classic influencer spon-con.

Jessika – £786 / $1,414

Jessika has gone full-blown influencer on her Instagram, which should come as no surprise. She does all kinds of spon-con: beauty products, vibrators, workout gear and skincare brands.

Cyrell – £1,002 / $1,801

Now we’re into the top five highest Married at First Sight Australia Instagram earners. Cyrell comes in at number five, making over £1,000 for an Instagram post! Cyrell posts a lot of pics with her baby, who she had with Love Island Australia Season 1’s Eden Dally – wild, but cute!

Cameron – £1,020 / $1,834

Cameron is the highest earning male cast member on Instagram, making around £1,020 per Instagram post. His Insta is made up of wholesome pics of him and Jules with their baby. Cameron’s got some sweet spon-con deals, such as with Amazon, Soda Stream and Sacla the pesto people.

Elizabeth  – £1,359 / $2,425

If you haven’t caught up with MAFS Lizzie’s transformation, this is what she looks like now. She’s had a full on transformation and is like 100 per cent pure influencer. But you know what, it’s paid off because she is one of the highest earning MAFS women, despite leaving the competition early on. For those who don’t know, Lizzie comes back in Married at First Sight Season 7, and she only just split up with her husband from that show, so she’s had two opportunities to boost her Insta followers. Lizzie’s feed is basically 80 per cent spon-con.

Martha – £1,567 / $2,818 (AUD)

In second place in the Married at First Sight Australia Instagram earnings league is Martha, who makes £1.5k per Insta post, and it’s no surprise from how vibes her Insta aesthetic is.

Jules – £1,749 / $3,122

In top spot is Jules! Jules and Cameron stole everyone’s hearts in Season 6, becoming the first couple to tell each other they love each other. They even got properly married after the show, and now have a family together. I’m not crying you are!!! Naturally Jules is prime fodder for brands to pounce on – baby brands, skincare, make up, the list goes on.

$ in AUD. Data from Pilot Fish Media

Featured image: @lizalizzieelizabeth, @cammerchant, @cyrelljimenezpaule

Married at First Sight Australia Season 6 is available to watch on All 4 now. 

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