Here are all the Instagrams for the Married at First Sight Australia Season 6 cast

I’d follow Martha’s twice if I could


It’s conflicting watching MAFS: Do you go on the Married at First Sight Instagrams and potentially ruin it for yourself with spoilers as to which Married at First Sight Australia Season 6 couples are still together, and what the cast look like now. Or do you wait it out until you’ve finished the series to find out what happened next? Well for anyone who is desperate to get ahead and find out what happened to the MAFS cast, or just wanting a stalk and to see how much they’re making in Instagram earnings via spon-con, here’s all the Married at First Sight Instagrams from the Season 6 cast.

*Some spoilers*

Martha’s Instagram: @marthaa__k

Martha’s Insta is an aesthetic delight – it’s like a PrettyLittleThing advert. Expect lots of great mirror selfies and hair colour changes and an overbearing sense of jealousy at her and Michael’s relationship. She has 436k followers, making her one of the most popular Married at First Sight Instagrams for the Season 6 Australia cast.

Michael’s Instagram: @mbrunelli

Much like wifey Martha, Michael’s Insta is v aesthetic. He posts cute pics of him and Martha, workout vids and transformation pics of his ever evolving hair style. He has over 200k followers.

Jules’ Instagram: @julesrobinson82

Jules ranks high for followers compared to some of the other Married at First Sight Instagrams from the Season 6 cohort. Jules’ feed is very family orientated, with regular pics of her, Cameron, and their baby son Oliver. As one of the most popular MAFS couples, she also reposts magazine shoots her and Cameron have been involved with – giving her feed a very professional lewk. Over 460k people follow Jules on Instagram.

Cameron’s Instagram: @cammerchant

Cameron’s Insta is exactly the same vibe as Jules’: family pics and looking wholesome at all times. He has 301k followers.

Cyrell’s Instagram: @cyrelljimenezpaule

Cyrell is now with Love Island Australia Season 1 cast member Eden Dally, and they even have a baby boy together! Cyrell’s Instagram is full baby-mamma mode, with lots of pics of her and baby Boston.

Nic’s Instagram: @nicccj

Nic posts about his cancer journey and fundraising achievements, as well as a few sponsored posts here and there. His dog Buddy is a regular feature too. He has 150k followers.

Mick’s Instagram: @mick_gould86

Mick went back to the farm after MAFS, so his posts are usually taken from there with him posing with goats and other farmyard animals – cute! Mick’s also got a new girlfriend who regularly features on his Insta. Mick has 166k followers.

Jessika’s Instagram: @jessika_power

Like some of the other Married at First Sight Australia S6 girls, Jessika has fallen into a world of influencing. She’s cut her hair short, and now does sponsored posts for vibrators, face masks and workout gear to her 268k followers.

Melissa’s Instagram: @mellucarelli

Melissa honestly hasn’t changed a bit since MFAS. From her Instagram she looks like she spends her time in Sydney going to lots of parties and wearing cute dresses. Good for you Mel! She has 137k followers.

Dino’s Instagram: @dino_hira

Dino talks a lot about spirituality, mindfulness and yoga on his Instagram. There’s gym mirror selfies, and cute pics of him and his dog. Dino has just over 100k followers.

Lizzie’s Instagram: @lizalizzieelizabeth

Out of all the Married at First Sight Instagrams, Lizzie’s is the one you will be most surprised at. She’s gone through a big hair and make up transformation and looks completely different to how she looked in MAFS. On her feed, she does a lot of spon-con, and you’ll see posts of her and now ex-boyfriend Seb Guilhaus.

Sam’s Instagram: @who_is_samm

Sam has had one of the biggest Married at First Sight Australia Season 6 transformations – he’s shaved all his hair off and looks like a completely different person. His Insta feed is mainly him working out, and him wearing lots of caps. He has nearly 90k followers.

Lauren’s Instagram: @laurenhuntriss

Lauren’s a make up artist, so a lot of her pics are showing off her eyeliner or beauty products she’s using. She’s dyed her hair copper ginger, and her Insta has a very aesthetic warm hue to it. She has just over 100k followers.

Matthew’s Instagram: @mattybgrateful

Since Married at First Sight Australia Season 6, Matt’s being doing a lot of travelling. He’s got himself a new girlfriend, and the pair seem to be off on a new adventure in every post. He’s got 75k followers.

Mike’s Instagram: @mikekangaroo

Mike has over 150k followers. He mainly posts pictures of himself, usually with either inspirational quote type captions or something about being a vegan. There’s also a whole lot of dog pics.

Heidi’s Instagram: @heidslatcham

From the looks of things, Heidi lives such a fun life. She doesn’t post that often, but when she does it’s always when she’s hanging out with mates, riding a horse, or at work where she is a radio host. She has over 200k followers.

Ines’ Instagram: @innnnnnes

Ines has just under 200k Instagram followers. There’s lots of mirror selfies taken in her bedroom and bathroom. Like all good Married at First Sight Instagrams, there’s plenty of spon-con posts for fake tan, skin care and beauty products.

Bronson’s Instagram: @bronson_norrish

Bronson has 160k followers. He mainly posts pics of him out for dinner, at the beach, at work and with his new girlfriend.

Ning’s Instagram: @ning_sura85

Ning posts work out vids, delicious plates of food, her kids and her new boyfriend. It’s nice to see she looks so happy. Ning has 180k followers.

Mark’s Instagram: @thisismarkscrivens

Mark’s got a new girlfriend, a former Australian netball player, and they post pics of them both travelling around the country off exploring, much like Matthew and his new GF. Mark has 106k followers.

Tamara Joy’s Instagram: @tamara__joy

Tamara Joy has had a major make over: fake tan, bigger lips, better brows. Her Insta is mainly of pics of her in a bikini, pool side or at the beach. I guess she does live in Australia so is to be expected.

Billy’s Instagram: @billyvincent

Billy has a very manicured Instagram – just 53 posts to his 67k followers. Expect lots of topless work out pics. No complaints here.

Susie’s Instagram

Okay so Susie doesn’t actually have Instagram. It looks like she deleted it after the show. But, you can still keep up with what she’s doing via new boyfriend Todd Carney’s Instagram.

Susie and Todd are now expecting their first child together.

Dan’s Instagram: @danwebbs

Dan’s got 108k followers and his bio pays tribute to his son Kash and his new 24-year-old girlfriend Amira, who he’s just gone Insta official with.

Married at First Sight Australia Season 6 is available to watch on All 4 now. 

Featured image: @nicccj, @julesrobinson82, @marthaa_k

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