This is what the cast of Love Island Australia Season 1 are up to now

Josh and Amelia are still together!!


The Love Island Australia Season 1 cast left Spain to head back down under to become influencers and spon-con models. Some of the Islanders, such as Josh Moss and Amelia Marni, stayed together whereas others didn’t last two minutes. It feels like forever since Tayla stole Grant from Cassidy and Elias played every girl in the villa like a total fuckboy, but where are the Love Island Australia Season 1 cast? Which Love Island Australia couples are still together? And importantly, is Tayla still with Dom??

Tayla Damir

Tayla Damir won Love Island Australia Season 1 with Grant Crapp. It seemed like they were made for one another, but on touching down in Australia it all came out that Grant had a girlfriend the ENTIRE TIME and was only in it to “make a name for himself”.

At the time, Tayla said: “The information I’ve been given is that Grant told the girlfriend he was going on Love Island Australia to promote his business and make a name for himself. She obviously, and I don’t know why, was okay with this. That’s what doesn’t make sense in my mind.”

Obviously Tayla chucked Grant, and started seeing Dom Thomas from the Love Island Australia Season 1 cast!!!! Dom was originally paired up with Shelby Mills, but got with Tayla in October 2018.

They pranked everyone into thinking they were getting married, and Tayla even spoke about possible baby plans.

However all good things must come to an end, and in June 2019, Dom and Tayla announced they had split up.

Credit: @nathanbroad

Tayla Damir has been linked to 26-year-old Nathan Broad, who is an AFL player.

Since leaving the villa, Tayla has become an ambassador for Australian brands Showpo and MCoBeauty, and has released her own line of hair scrunchies. Tayla recently said she will be releasing a “big announcement”…is it the scrunchies??

Grant Crapp

Well well well, what has Grant Crapp been up to since leaving the villa? Oh wait, WHO CARES. The Love Island Australia Season 1 cast member made fans collectively go into melt down after it was revealed he had a secret girlfriend back at home during the show. He begged Tayla to take him back, but then appeared on a magazine with his old-beau two weeks later!! The scandal!!

Since the bust up, Grant has started his own clothing line called Royal Apparel, which obviously he models himself. According to his Instagram he’s also an online personal trainer. Grant’s been doing the usual spon-con of teeth whitening products, supplements and my favourite, a razor to shave your ass with.

Grant is still with his girlfriend Lucy Cartwright. The pair bought a house together (maybe some of his $25,000 winning went towards it), and in April 2021 they announced they’d had a baby girl.

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Eden Dally

Resident bad boy Eden Dally left the villa as a couple with his “little pocket rocket” Erin Barnett from the Love Island Australia Season 1 cast. The pair placed second in the show, but Eden and Erin split months after the show finished.

It all kicked off. Erin published a “tell-all” video on YouTube where she alleges the relationship became abusive. Eden denied the claims made in the video, commenting: “I would like to say that the aggressive, threatening, and angry person Erin’s painted me as is not a true reflection of who I am.”

Since that drama, Eden has been crowned Mr World Australia, and got himself a new girlfriend in MarchCyrell Jiminez-Paule, who is on Married At First Sight, a popular TV show in Australia.

Love Island Australia Season 1 cast

Credit: Cyrell Jiminez-Paule

In October 2019, Eden Dally announced he and Cyrell were expecting a baby boy.

On Instagram, Eden wrote: “It’s official we’re having a baby boy, little EJ! Thanks to everyone that made it yesterday! @cyrelljimenezpaule You will make a wonderful mother. Can’t wait to meet our son.”

Credit: @dallyeden

And here’s the lil baby, who they named Boston.

Erin Barnett

After the Eden drama, Erin moved back home to Melbourne. She still hangs out with a lot of the Islanders, like Francoise, Elias and Cassidy.

In December, Erin debuted her new boyfriend, Mike.

Erin announced on Instagram that her and Mike were moving in with one another. She said: “This is such a big thing for me, as I’ve never lived out of home and I’ve never ever moved in with a boyfriend. This is the kind of relationship I always dreamed about but never thought I’d have.

“He treats me with respect every day, he makes me laugh every day, he helps me through my ups and downs every day, but most importantly… He makes me happy every day!”

She’s recently gone on what looks like an 18-year-old’s inter-railing trip, travelling all around Europe for a month, visiting Amsterdam, Paris, Prague and Berlin.

Erin has also created her own fashion line with Australian brand That’s So Fetch.

In January 2020, Erin Barnett took part in Australia’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Dom Thomas

Dom Thomas shocked fans when it was revealed him and fellow Love Island Australia Season 1 cast member Tayla Damir were dating. Dom left the villa with Shelby Mills, but in a joint decision they called the relationship off weeks after the show finished. Dom said: “We have decided that we are best off as friends.”

Dom made it official with Tayla in October 2018. In a recent Instagram post reflecting on their time in the villa, Dom said: “Looking back, it was always going to happen let’s be real!” The couple split up in June 2019.

Since leaving, Dom has shaved his head like every middle class boy in the UK. He’s left his job as a project manager – according to his Instagram he’s now a ‘travel content creator’. He seems to have travelled all round the world, from Bali to Japan.

And what’s really cute is that he’s still BFF’s with Love Island Australia Season 1 cast member Josh Moss.

Cassidy McGill

Cassidy McGill was unlucky in love during her time in the villa. She had flings with several members of the Love Island Australia Season 1 cast, getting with Grant Crapp, Elias Chigros and Josh Moss. She ended up being booted out on her own.

Since leaving, Cassidy has become a full-time influencer, which she describes as “hard work”. She said: “Everyone thinks that we get paid a shitload to do fuck all, and it’s really easy – it’s not easy, this job basically never stops and there’s a lot of pressure.” Her Insta has 280k followers.

Being an influencer, she’s done spon-con for Olay, Bondi Sands and Oral-B.

Love Island Australia Season 1 cast

Olivia Attwood is that you???

Cassidy has also started her own YouTube vlog, which has 68,774 subscribers. She videos work outs, what she’s eating, social events and even some of the other Islanders crop up.

Like Dom and Josh, Cassidy and Love Island Australia Season 1 cast member Francoise Draschler have become best pals outside the villa, and feature on each other’s Instas a lot.

In drastic changes, Cassidy McGill has cut her hair and damn she looks cute!

Credit: @cattcity

She’s got a boyfriend – but it’s under wraps who it is!

Elias Chigros

Elias was pined after by several of the Love Island Australia Season 1 cast. Cass, Francoise and Millie all wanted their slice of the Elias pie, but he ended up coming away with nothing after telling the villa he might “hit up” a girl he’d seen on Insta.

When he left the villa, there were rumours he had dated both Cassidy and Francoise.

The surfer has nearly 100k Instagram followers. His life still seems to be made up of surfing, travelling to Bali and generally being hot. As a man who looks like he’s been carved by Zeus himself, Elias has naturally been doing some modelling – his portfolio is here (you’re welcome).

He’s done the usual spon-con of watches, Deliveroo and teeth whitening kits.

He is dating an EXTREMELY hot model called Effy Harvard…was she the mystery girl he wanted to “hit up”??

However, the pair were last pictured on each other’s Instagrams in December 2018.

Josh Moss

Hands down the best Love Island Australia Season 1 cast member, Josh Moss is the only Islander to still be in a relationship with the person they left with. Josh and Amelia Marni are still together – and by the looks of things they are inseparable.

Josh, who has 280k followers, has travelled around the world with Amelia, visiting Europe, Marrakech and Bali.

Josh has been spotted with Millie and Mark from the show, as well as best mates Dom Thomas and Tayla Damir. Josh and Dom even have their own Instagram page, and now do a podcast together ‘Intelligence Pending with Dom & Josh’!!!

Francoise Draschler

Francoise found herself in a love triangle with Millie Fuller and Elias Chigros, and ended up leaving the villa on her own.

Like her fellow Islanders, back in Aus Francoise has been creating sponsored content for food delivery services, watches and make up brands. She now has 88.5k followers.

As well as being seen out with Cassidy McGill and Erin Barnett, Francoise has been spotted with Love Island Australia Season 1 cast members Shelby Mills and Edyn Mac.

Edyn ‘Mac’ Mackney

Mac started her own YouTube vlog four months ago. She currently has 76k subscribers and has created thrilling videos such as ‘boyfriend rates my outfits’ and ‘answering your assumptions about me’.

Out of all the Love Island Australia Season 1 cast members, Mac sees Shelby the most.

Her boyfriend is called Apollo Jackson, a professional magician, music artist and DJ – some CV. He also appeared on The Bachelor, and they confirmed their relationship in January. They’ve been together over a year.

Shelby Mills

Since splitting with Dom, Shelby has found a new boyfriend, Harry Bink. Harry’s a freestyle motorcross rider.

Shelby’s become a full-time influencer, taking pictures of herself in exotic places and promoting spon-con. She has 156k followers.

Justin Lacko

Who could forget Justin Lacko?? The model teamed up with Miller Fuller for the majority of the series, until he was booted off by the rest of the Islanders in a savage elimination.

Justin bagged himself a place on Australia’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. He it still signed up to a modelling agency, and yep, he’s still fit.

Although he was unlucky in the villa, Justin has gone public with his new girlfriend Anita-Barone Scott, and they’re expecting their first child together!!

Credit: @justinlacko

In January, Justin shared a picture of himself as toddler with the caption: “Proud parents! @neets___ and I are expecting a mini me. Can’t bloody wait for our baby boy to be born. Been holding onto this since last year and we are over the moon!” Cute!!

And here’s Justin’s baby!!

Amelia Marni

Like Shelby and Cassidy, Amelia also has her own YouTube channel. There’s videos of her and boyfriend Josh Moss, one about being a vegan, and one called ‘boyfriend rates my outfits’ – sounds similar to Mac’s right?? Her channel has over 80k subscribers.

Like Josh, she spends her time gallivanting round on holiday, promoting vegan protein powders and wireless charging mats.

Millie Fuller

Millie Fuller had her fair share of guys in the villa because everyone fancied her. John James and Elias Chigros both tried it on with her, but in both situations it wasn’t quite right. For most of the time she was paired up with pal Justin Lacko.

Millie eventually paired up with Mark O’Dare, and the couple left the villa together. They stayed in a relationship for months after the show, until April when they split.

And it must’ve been a bad break up, because they deleted all their cute pics of one another off their Instas.

Millie is still really into dogs, with one appearing on her Insta every other post.

Millie has also done sponsored content for PrettyLittleThing, Bondi Sands and various skin care brands. As spon-con goes, she’s probably doing the best out of the Love Island Australia Season 1 cast. She has 230,000 Instagram followers.

Natasha Cherie

Natasha Cherie left earlier on in the series, and didn’t manage to find love in the villa.

She has her own YouTube channel were she just tries on bikinis and clothes. 50,000 people subscribe to her channel. Natasha also owns a luxury hair and beauty salon in Perth.

Like Millie, she’s got a deal with PrettyLittleThing and models their clothes on her Instagram, which has 168k followers.

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