The wildest Married at First Sight Australia Season 6 transformations

Okay so Sam is bald now!


It’s not unusual for reality TV stars to undergo some kind of transformation after appearing on TV. Maybe they’re trying to conceal their identity after embarrassing themselves, or most likely they’re doing everything they can to start their new job as an influencer, lapping up the fillers, boob jobs, veneers and shiny hair extensions. And the Married at First Sight Australia Season 6 cast are no exception – some of them look completely unrecognisable. Sam’s gone bald and I’d literally walk past Lauren in the street and not know it’s her. So, what do the Married at First Sight Australia cast look like now? These are the biggest transformations, from hair colour changes, to baldness, to getting thicc:


In MAFS, Martha had long wavy brown hair. She admitted on the show that she likes to look good, and told Michael she’d work done before. But what does Martha from Married at First Sight Australia look like now?

Martha has gone through several incredible hair transformations. First, she chopped off her long locks and went for this super classy brown bob. Someone get this girl a Vogue cover PLEASE.

Next in her style evolution, Martha went from brunette to blonde. Her whole Instagram aesthetic during this period was pure vibes – think pastel walls, 70s sunglasses, PrettyLittleThing advert. Chef’s kiss. Martha has always had full lips, but they look even more full here compared to MAFS.

Now, Martha is pulling off this copper colour. It looks like she might have some extensions in, or maybe her hair has just grown super fast in lockdown. Her make up remains natural, as it was throughout the show.


On MAFS, Michael had long hair that he put up in a ponytail. But after leaving the show, he got a major vibe check and shaved it all off for a children’s charity.

Yep, Michael is looking fit. You’re doing great sweety!

Then in true lockdown 2020 style, Michael premiered his new bleach blonde look. It’s a 10/10 from me.

Now Michael is back to his shaved head. He’s also growing out a bit of a tache. Like his wife, he is a man of many looks.


Lizzie was known for her platinum blonde hair, hair extensions and bold make up. She always had a thick pair of fake eyelashes on, heavy winged eyeliner, and dark lipstick with lip liner.

Well, Lizzie has undergone quite the transformation. First, she dyed her hair dark brown. She got into fake tan (thank you sponsorship), and kept up with the heavy eye make up.

Then her look evolved again, opting for a lighter brown hair colour, and more natural make up. The thick false eyelashes were replaced for more natural falsies, or maybe even permanent lash extensions. Her eyebrows are more defined than her Married at First Sight Season 6 days.

In her most recent post, Lizzie looks like she’s got some blonde highlights going through her hair (deff still some hair extensions going on). Her lips look bigger and her eyebrows defined. What Lizzie looked like in Married at First Sight Australia to now is a big change!


Ines was one of the most divisive characters from the series, but what does Ines from Married at First Sight Australia Season 6 look like now?

Ines looks different but I can’t really tell why? Her hair is lighter and is down rather in a pony tail – which was her signature look on the show. She’s still wearing natural looking make up.

At one point she really did look different when she lived this blonde fantasy. Overall though, not a major change.


Sam was the whole package: Luscious locks, hot bod, a guy you wanted to climb. But look, I’m sorry to break it to you, but Sam has undergone a major transformation, and is literally unrecognisable.

Hold my hand, I’ll take you through it step-by-step so not to overwhelm you. The evolution started off with a classic fuckboy hair cut: shaved back and sides, long on top. He also trimmed down his beard.

Then WHAMMY. It’s all GONE. Sam got rid of his sexy hair, going full bald. He also at one point had cleanly shaved off his beard too. Now he has a manicured beard which is cut trim to his face. He’s also manicured his eyebrows, and it looks like he may have dyed them dark brown.


married at first sight australia now

On the show, Dino was clean shaven, and had a bit of a short back and sides floppy hair cut going on.

Now he looks pretty different! He’s grown out a beard, and is really into these beanie hats (they feature frequently on his Insta). His hair is pretty much the same as before.


Jessika has had a big hair transformation. On the show, she had long blonde hair and often quite heavy make up.

Now she’s cut her hair into this cute bob, and it’s still her signature blonde. Her lips definitely look more full, and her teeth look like they’ve got whiter. Her eyebrows are also more defined and shaped.


Honestly I think if Lauren walked past me in the street it would take me a while to realise it was her. She’s looking completely different now thanks to this new copper/ginger colour – similar to Martha’s. Her hair has more layers in it, compared to her choppy blonde bob in MAFS.

Her make up looks a little more natural, and wow look how bright her teeth are!!!


Okay so Matthew from Married at First Sight Australia Season 6 hasn’t had a major transformation, but viewers have said he’s had a glow up and like…yeah okay I can see why!

He’s grown out his beard and been to the gym. Do I like….fancy Matthew now???

Married at First Sight Australia Season 6 is available to watch on All 4 now. 

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