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‘The rat family ate our entire pasta bake’: We asked Soton students for their Portswood rat horror stories

You lot have seen some shit

Southampton University is on the brink of a ‘credit crunch’ after borrowing £372 million last year

The University had the highest percentage increase of money borrowed over the last two years

Police appeal for witnesses following sexual assault last Sunday

The attack comes less than a month after a reported rape on an 18-year-old woman near Wessex Lane

Soton’s Maddest Fresher 2018: Winner revealed

“Balls is in my name” – it just makes sense

A 20-year-old woman was sexually assaulted in the city centre on Sunday morning

The attack happened between Asda supermarket and a car park on Portland Terrace

Vote now in the final of Soton’s Maddest Fresher 2018 to crown your winner

Don’t freak out but this is a pretty big deal

Soton’s Maddest Fresher 2018: Heat Three

What an absolute shambles

Soton’s Maddest Fresher: Heat Two

u legendz

Three Soton third years set up ‘Bad Boy Pizza Society’, now…where do I sign up?

Bad boys and pizza…what more could you want?

The Lodge Road sleeper: Who is this mysterious boy found asleep on a brick wall after a night out?

The boys who found him are still desperate to know who he is and be his mate

We taste tested Soton’s favourite Christmas drinks to find out which is best

A lot of very sweet, whipped-cream-topped drinks, we’re going to go throw up now

Soton’s Maddest Fresher 2018: Heat One

Oi oi

Are you Soton’s maddest fresher? Nominations are now OPEN!

Get nominating, you c-r-Azy freshers

Emily Dawes has officially stepped down as Union President

SUSU released a statement on their website this afternoon

While SUSU remain silent about Emily Dawes, they ask students to vote on whether they should start selling meal deals

We may not have a Union president for the rest of the year, but at least we’ll have £3 lunches, right?

‘Don’t trust everything you read’: The real Dennis McNennis comes clean and reveals he wasn’t the Switch Shitter

Meet the four Southampton students who managed to fool us all

Emily Dawes is ‘due back into work’ the day after Remembrance Sunday

That’s this coming Monday

The votes are in: Here’s the new name of Charlie’s Bargain Booze

It’s official

Soton societies campaigning against men’s sexual assault this Movember

As well as men’s mental health, let’s open up the conversation around men’s sexual assault

‘It’s okay to be white’ sign found in Hartley Library

Students are speculating whether the sign is linked to Emily Dawes’ war mural tweet