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Everything I’ve had to learn and unlearn since coming out as bisexual

My sexuality goes beyond the gender of the person I’m dating

Here’s everything we know about the new series of Drag Race Down Under

Cher is rumoured to make a guest judge appearance

Let’s relive the chaos of Saturday’s Drag Race episode with these 25 memes

The Nice Girls Roast got nasty

If you miss the Drag Race UK queens already, here’s what they’re up to on TikTok

Ginny Lemon’s TikTok is something else

34 moments that prove Drag Race UK is the best thing to come out of this silly little island

*Google searches* When does season three start?!!!?!!

Drag Race Rich List: Which season two UK queen is making the most on Instagram?

Imagine making nearly £2k for ONE post

Drag Race UK: What did A’Whora say in her bleeped-out stand-up routine?

Come on BBC this isn’t even that bad

‘There might be a UK Hun? EP’: Tayce and A’Whora on their experience doing Drag Race UK

‘Michelle Visage still DMs us on Insta’

‘We’re on the cusp of losing the industry’: UK club owners on the future of clubbing

Many businesses won’t make it to June 21st

RuPaul’s Drag Race songs ranked from average to amazing to completely life-changing

This show has given us so many bops

Prove yourself to The United Kingdolls and get full marks in this UK Hun? lyrics quiz


Experts warn against people using sugar waxing because of the risks of ‘severe burns’

The at-home waxing alternative is all over TikTok

You defo don’t want to see any H&M, so look at these 31 UK Drag Race memes instead

Bang ba-da bing bang booong

The RuDictionary: All the hidden meanings behind RuPaul’s ridiculous catchphrases

‘Squirrel friends’ started because, like drag queens, squirrels also hide their nuts

Period pants remain taxed despite government’s claim to remove VAT from menstrual products

Period pants are an environmentally friendly, essential menstrual product, yet they’re still taxed as a luxury item

Nine important lessons It’s A Sin teaches us about the AIDS crisis

Mortgages were denied to people who had taken a HIV test

It’s A Sin true story: Who was Jill Nalder and how accurate was her character?

The real-life Jill Nalder plays Jill’s mother in the series

If you’re still upset about last night’s Drag Race elimination, these 17 memes will make it better

I will never get over Veronica Green’s transformation

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK ages: How old are the season two queens?

How is Veronica Green the oldest ?!!

A McDonald’s employee and university alumni: Meet the queens of RPDR UK season two

I love them all already ❤️

Tens across the board for these 19 reactions to last night’s Drag Race UK episode


Who is Tina Burner? The RPDR season 13 queen who apparently used to date Graham Norton

She’s been doing drag since she was eight years old

Quiz: Which RuPaul’s Drag Race judge is your soul most aligned to?

You say it’s Ru but deep down you want Michelle

What happened between the Haus of Aja and Drag Race’s Kandy Muse?

Dhalia Sinn from season 12 was also a member of the group

Here’s how old all the RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13 queens are

Quelle surprise!! Tina Burner is 39

Here are some of the best sustainable and ethical brands to shop from this Christmas

One of them gives you an adopted sheep with every jumper you buy

Can you guess what year these students are in, based on their super cool clothes?

You need to know your fresher’s flares from your third year’s Dickies

It’s time for influencers to stop posting transformation posts on Instagram

Before and after pics promote the narrative that weight is something to be ashamed of

What is the song in Netflix’s If Anything Happens I Love You?

People on TikTok are calling it the saddest film they’ve ever seen

Would you end up with Mark Darcy or Daniel Cleaver? Take our quiz to find out

Sexy lawyer or noughties fuckboy?

The true story of Major Hugh Lindsay and the skiing accident in Netflix’s The Crown

Prince Charles went to Major Lindsay’s wedding the summer before his death

To celebrate RuPaul’s 60th birthday, here’s a ranking of his 60 greatest moments

You don’t look a day over 59 !

Here’s what the cast of Wild Child have been up to since the film

Alex Pettyfer’s career went downhill from here

Vote: What was the worst beauty trend of the noughties?

Barry M 100 lipstick still haunts me in my dreams

Here are all the ways you can donate to help Lebanon

Over 4,000 people have been injured following the Beirut explosion

Everything we know about the shooting incident with Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez

Rihanna and Lizzo sent her get well presents

Sashay over here and find out which queen you are from RuPaul’s All Stars 5

Anyone but Derrick Barry pls

I May Destroy You ending explained: What did the three different sequences mean?

Every little detail has an important message

Stealthing, trauma and menstrual blood: Why everyone needs to watch I May Destroy You

It’s like nothing you’ve seen on TV before

Meet the cast of BBC’s new incredible drama, I May Destroy You

Michaela Coel who stars as Arabella also wrote and co-directed the series

You can finally comfortably WFH in the sun with this cardboard box hack

No more glaring screens or overheated laptops

Quiz: Which Trash TV queen are you, really?

Chaotic and highly emotional? Honey, you’re Kim K

People sharing their worst interview experiences will put you off applying for a job

“The interviewer called my boyfriend to check I wasn’t lying about my answers”

What is Blackout Tuesday and how do I take part?

People are posting black squares on social media with #BlackOutTuesday

Hinge reveals which questions get the most responses

We found out which prompts get the highest number of likes, comments and matches

Quiz: Which female Parks and Recreation character are you?

You’d like to be Leslie but you’re actually April

The top 20 most expensive Airbnbs in the UK that you definitely can’t afford

A week’s holiday in a castle anyone?

The 36 most unforgettable RuPaul’s Drag Race moments of all time ever

This show has given us so much

It’s official: Young people are hit hardest by lockdown

The impacts of the pandemic could affect younger workers’ pay for years

‘Scuse me, why do people keep taking mirrors into their garden to take selfies?

It’s all over Instagram

Here are the best animated TV shows on Netflix that everyone’s binging in lockdown

Good, easy watching

Teardrops and East Wests: There are nine types of boobs and this is what they look like

So much variety, so much range

So it turns out Connell from Normal People’s first big break was in this sausage advert

He looks as stunning as ever

Masks and plastic screens: Some of the changes pubs might introduce to help them reopen

Staff could have to disinfect the tables every 15 mins

So, you think you’re obsessed with Drag Race? Get full marks in this quiz and PROVE it

You better work !!!

‘I’m treated like a money bank’: How lockdown is disadvantaging international students

We spoke to international students about their difficult experiences

This Leeds student tweeted her diss about Louis Theroux to him, and he liked it!

She’s hoping for a DM any minute

These are the sassy Insta accounts of all the season 12 RuPaul’s Drag Race queens

They’re all kinds of sexy and powerful

Have you written your dissertation in record time or on a weird topic? We want to know

Send! Them! In!

This is how you do the genetics heritage filter on Instagram that everyone’s doing

It’s good, simple fun

Normal People showed how well all TV shows should handle consent

It gives an example of healthy sex that our sex ed classes never did

Quiz: Which current Made in Chelsea boy would you get with?

He’ll ruin my life but JUST GIVE ME MILES

Meet Paul Mescal, the 24-year-old Trinity College grad starring in BBC’s Normal People

He loooves a Huji filter

This is how much the Too Hot To Handle cast could be making per Instagram post

If you’re low on money and self-esteem, look away now

Here’s how old all the RuPaul’s Drag Race season 12 queens are

Wait WHAT? Sherry Pie is 27 !!!

‘I feel a constant responsibility’: What it’s like being a student carer in lockdown

We spoke to a Cambridge student on how she manages uni work alongside caring for her mum with MS

TikTok users are accusing the company of racial bias after their videos are removed

The videos are being flagged up as ‘violating Community Guidelines’

Charles Ingram and his wife went on The Weakest Link and got rinsed by Anne Robinson

They went on the quiz show just three years after being found guilty for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Work from home burnout: What is it and how to tell you’ve got it

If you’re constantly tired and pissed off this may be you

These 19 crazy production secrets reveal exactly how RuPaul’s Drag Race is filmed

The whole season is filmed in just four weeks

A round up of the best isolation beards and moustaches you’ve grown during lockdown

Lots of lovely tashes

The five conspiracy theories about 5G towers that people are actually believing

Believers are so convinced, they’ve been setting phone masts on fire

We asked people why they’re still seeing their boyfriends and girlfriends in lockdown

‘I’m not ready for my sex life to drop to zero’

Are you using lockdown to grow a beard or style a new moustache? If so, we want to see

Send us a pic!

Quiz: Match the iconic catchphrase to the Drag Race queen to prove you’re a real fan

Are you loyal to Mother Ru?

If you liked The Platform, here are 14 more shows that are equally as messed up

Let’s get freaky

Here are some fun ways to socialise with your mates in this crazy new world

Can I get an amen for Houseparty and Club Penguin

These 15 Houseparty memes will make you stop and think about how you’re spending quarantine

Mr Blobby storming into This Morning is me every night

Tiger King’s Doc Antle is on TikTok and he hangs out with Logan Paul

This man doesn’t stop

The Platform ending explained: Who was the girl and what did ‘the message’ mean?

This film goes DEEP

Anyone else noticed how hilarious Britney Spears’ Insta is? Here are the best bits

Follow her if you’re in need of daily lols

OMG!! UK Drag Race’s The Vivienne and Baga Chipz have their own Netflix series

It’s like the new Gogglebox !!!!

The true story behind the Who Wants to be a Millionaire cheating scandal

It’s so juicy it’s being turned into an ITV drama

Quiz: Which RuPaul’s Drag Race season 12 queen are you?

Stay inside, save lives and take this quiz

I saved £9,000 over five years to go travelling, but have lost thousands due to COVID-19

‘For me, this was a once in a lifetime trip’

Experts confirm: No you can’t date, kiss or shag randomers during self-isolation

But I really wanna

Student nurses and doctors explain what it’s like working in the NHS right now

‘As a new nurse, I’m really worried about my own mental health’

A video is going round of Italians offering the coronavirus advice they wish they’d taken

‘The issue is more serious than most of the world believes’

Influencer licked public toilet for a TikTok and labelled it the ‘coronavirus challenge’

All in a desperate attempt to go viral

What is social distancing and how do I do it at uni: A guide

It’s time to say no to a few nights out

What is the coronavirus 5G conspiracy? The dumb theory circulating the internet rn

Keri Hilson is pushing it on Twitter lol

Hold the phone! Someone will literally pay you over £1,400 to stay in and sleep


Everything you’ll know if you went to a religious primary school

First school lesson: Don’t fuck with your hymn book

Phones are ten times more germy than a toilet seat: How to properly clean your phone

Your phone could be carrying coronavirus right now !!!!

Love is Blind parents: Who are the mums and dads of the cast?

Time to finally meet Jessica’s parents !!!

Quiz: Which Love is Blind rival are you, Amber or Jessica?

You want to be Amber, but you’re probably Jess

All the secrets of filming Love is Blind, according to producers and runners

Jess tried to quit just before her wedding

Amber from Love is Blind killed deer and posted the pics on Instagram

People are not happy

Thousands of you voted, now it’s time to reveal the most traumatising childhood film EVER

We’re all seriously messed up as a result of this film

Quiz: Which Love Is Blind girl are you?

Do you like getting drunk with your dog? Congrats, you’re Jess!

Quiz: Which Love is Blind couple are you?

If I don’t get Kenny and Kelly, I’m LEAVING