Bean Urquhart
Social Editor

Fresher floods his Chamberlain halls room whilst having shower sex

‘The drain must’ve been blocked and we didn’t realise’

Someone did a big dirty turd on the floor in Jesters last night

Does no one understand the purpose of toilets anymore?

Soton’s Most Eligible Bachelorette 2019: Winner revealed!

The surfer has won our hearts

Soton fresher comes home and finds her flat door has been unscrewed and put back upside down

Definitely the most committed prank we’ve seen

Hey boys! Queefs happen during sex, get over it!

Also known as quiffles, fanny farts and pussy purrs!

Meet Henry Hill: The vibiest SU presidential candidate running in 2019

He’s got red sliders, a Ralphie cap AND he’s single

A teaser for the second Pres Hen campaign video is out and you could call it ‘genius’

The full video will be on YouTube tomorrow

Here are the 13 things I’d do if I was a boy for 24 hours

There’s so much I need to understand

Behold! A SUSU campaign video that is actually a medium-to-large vibe

President Hen has bars, a drone, and wants to build a new gym?!

Drunk fresher floods Mayflower after passing out and leaving tap on

He’s likely to be charged at least £400 for the damages

‘I can eat a whole pizza in under a minute’: Bad Boy Pizza Soc’s Henry Hill is running for SU President

He considers himself ‘the people’s vote’

Southampton’s Cutest Couple 2019 – The winners

‘If we win, I’ll treat her to a pint’ – lucky gal

A round up of Soton’s maddest Insta stories since September

Moral of the story: Southampton students are gross

Someone did a poo on a plate in a house of seven people and no one is owning up

Now that is shocking

There are only four types of boys at Southampton Uni, but which one are you?

Your time has come lads

Couple caught mid-handjob on Jesters dance floor last night

Nothing like ‘Come on Eileen’ to get you in the mood

There are only four types of girls at Southampton and you’re definitely one of them

If you don’t agree, you’re probs the “Bristol reject” sorry x

The weirdest things that have been spotted in Hartley library this term

Why can’t we just sit down and do our work?

‘The rat family ate our pasta bake’: Soton students share Portswood rat horror stories

You lot have seen some shit

Southampton University is on the brink of a ‘credit crunch’ after borrowing £372 million last year

The University had the highest percentage increase of money borrowed over the last two years