Experts warn against people using sugar waxing because of the risks of ‘severe burns’

The at-home waxing alternative is all over TikTok


Videos of people sugar waxing or ‘sugaring’ has become a new trend on TikTok. It’s presented as the easy alternatives to at-home waxing without the faff of buying wax strips.

According to the TikToks, all you need is sugar, water and lemon juice which you heat together and then use as a reusable waxing strip when it cools. However, many experts are warning against these videos because, although sugar waxing is a great alternative to hair removal, if it’s not done correctly and safely it can lead to severe burns.

Experts are especially worried about people using it on their bikini line and intimate areas because of the risk of burns and tears.

Stephanie Taylor, an intimate health expert of Kegel 8, said people should ignore how easy these TikToks look and leave the homemade waxing alone.

She writes: “With salons still closed and uncertainty over when they’re likely to open again, many of us are experimenting with at-home beauty and hair treatments to keep on top of our regimes.

“Sugaring is a natural alternative to waxing, and it has resurfaced in a big way on TikTok recently. Using all-natural ingredients, sugaring is said to be ideal for the sensitive-skinned among us, and a cheaper alternative to salon waxing, consisting of just three kitchen staples – sugar, lemon and water.

“Some women (and some men) have taken to waxing their legs and armpits using the sugaring technique, while others, are trying it out on their pubic hair too.”

In many of the TikToks, people highlight how important it is to let the solution get to just the right temperature so it’s not too hot to use and cool enough to mould onto your skin. Stephanie says this balance is where a lot of the risk lies: “Sugaring can cause severe scolding to the sensitive skin in your intimate area if the temperature of the water is too hot when applied. This can leave you with painful burns, dangerous infections and irreversible scarring.”

She added: “Very worryingly, the recipe is very similar to a homemade substance often used by prison inmates as a weapon, known colloquially as napalm. The mixture sticks to the skin and intensifies burns, leaving people with horrific injuries.

“This lockdown, I’d recommend leaving intimate waxing to the experts or buying an at-home kit from a recognised brand which comes with tried and tested instructions to keep you safe.”

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