Thousands of you voted, now it’s time to reveal the most traumatising childhood film EVER

We’re all seriously messed up as a result of this film

We put together a detailed list of 32 childhood films that were meant to be good, innocent viewing for children but instead completely fucked us up.

From the list, nearly 6,000 of you voted and we found a clear winner. With 40 per cent of the vote and 2,000 votes, Coraline came out to be the most messed up children’s film. No surprises here, it was a film about a parallel universe that a child accidentally falls into that’s exactly like her normal life but evil !!! The stop-motion made all of us feel very weird – put that with a story about an evil spider-mum who steals children’s eyes, it’s amazing any of us are okay.

This still haunts my dreams

Second most traumatic childhood film is Bridge to Terabithia. Messed up because it was just so unexpectedly sad. These two kids had a perfect friendship and a magical land together and then they kill her off?! I’m still devastated.

After that, The Witches was voted in third place. It’s a great film but why did it have to be aimed towards children –  I could’ve done with at least five more years of life experience before seeing that shit.

At the very bottom of the list is The Little Mermaid, with only three votes. This is a big shock, tbh. Does no one remember Ursula, the scary evil mermaid who steals people’s voices?

The top five most traumatising childhood films:

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