Hinge reveals which questions get the most responses

We found out which prompts get the highest number of likes, comments and matches

Hinge has become one of the preferred dating apps because it’s not centred on pictures, instead, each profile also features three questions and answers that offer a bit more of the person’s personality. When you first set up your Hinge profile there are loads of prompts to chose from and you may end up picking one because it’s the easiest to answer. However, it turns out there’s some room for clever tactics here because certain questions can help you get the most possible responses.

We spoke to Hinge to find out which prompts get the highest number of likes, comments or matches. Some prompts are generally favoured across all three responses, for example, “I’m looking for”, whereas others don’t get many likes or comments but are the most likely to get you a match, such as “Guess where this photo was taken”. Here’s the full rundown.

The Hinge questions that lead to the most likes across the UK

The following five prompts are the questions that get the most likes, starting with the most liked:

I’m looking for

We’ll get along if

I want someone who

The key to my heart is

This year, I really want to

The first four are all linked to relationships and tend to come with an answer that details a bit about this person’s type. This shows if you want to get liked on Hinge, it’s worth giving people an idea of what you’re actually looking for. These questions also often come with something a bit more personal or sometimes an ironic answer which draws people in.

Other than that, people clearly appreciate it when you talk about your plans for the year. I guess it often introduces interests and hobbies that people can relate to.

The Hinge questions that elicit the most comments across the UK

These are the sort of things that people are most likely to actually start a conversation about, rather than just like:

I’m looking for

We’ll get along if

Two truths and a lie

I want someone who

This year, I really want to

They’re all basically the same apart from “The key to my heart is” didn’t make it, maybe that’s just a touch too soppy for people to actually comment on. “Two truth and a lie” is the third most popular, unsurprisingly as it’s literally asking for a response.

“I’m looking for” is the number one most engaged for both likes and comments.

The Hinge questions that lead to the most matches among users in the UK

If you’ve already liked or commented on someone’s profile, these are the prompts that get the most comments or likes in return, resulting in a match:

Guess where this photo was taken

Me in the wild

My good side

Dating me will look like

We’ll get along if

I’m looking for

This is where it all changes. “I’m looking for” and “We’ll get along if” are both still on here but other than that, the most matched prompts are all relating to a picture. If you’re trying to encourage someone to match with you, give them a picture they can easily comment on.

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