Hinge questions: The best profile answers to get the most matches

Online dating is tough you guys

Dating websites are slowly becoming the only way to find a partner or even get a shag these days. Bumble is old news, Tinder is full of creeps, so now it’s down to Hinge. The great thing about Hinge is that instead of getting stuck for conversation starters on Tinder, everyone’s profile is built-in with three questions about them. However, shock horror – you now need to come up with the best answers to the Hinge questions you possibly can.

We appreciate this is a near-impossible task without looking self-pitying, cringe or completely un-funny. We’ve spoken to some Hinge experts and done some of our own scrolling to find the responses that made us want to like.

The best answers to Hinge questions:

Question: A shower thought I had recently

“A shower thought I had recently” is often followed by “I realised I’m ready to find love, buy a cat and move to the country” which is unforgivable. If you’re going to choose this question then you need to go big and weird.

You need to respond with something they’ve also thought about in the shower or will do from now on. Eg “do crabs think fish are flying in the sea?”. Genius. The first thing you think when you read it is “wait, do they?”. From then on, everyone knows you think out of the box and, therefore, they’ll want to have sex with you – success.

Question: Worst first date

This is an easy one. You don’t have to think up something super original or funny. Everyone’s had an awful first date so it’s really relatable and will often lead them to respond with their story – you both laugh about your experiences and you’ve already got a great flow going.

Question: Dating me is like

One of the best responses we’ve seen to this is that it’s like “finding an extra chicken nugget in your Maccies”. Everyone loves it when that happens. It brings so much unexpected joy, laughter and sometimes you’re a bit turned on. And that’s how people will feel dating you. Automatic like.

Question: I’m weirdly attracted to

“I’m weirdly attracted to… girls who don’t ride horses”. Don’t ride horses? The whole stereotype is that it’s sexy to ride horses because it makes girls better in bed – a stupid fantasy that makes zero sense which is what makes this answer so great. You think it’s going one way, then it goes the other and then you realise it’s actually pretty funny.

Question: Most embarrassing song on Spotify

Another easy one if you’re willing to expose yourself a bit. Everyone’s got at least one guilty pleasure on their Spotify so it’s a great way to start a convo about Taylor Swift – once that’s over you can bring up all your cool music and redeem yourself.

Question: I’ll know I’ve found the one when

Everyone expects this Hinge question to be excruciatingly cringe so make it funny. In this case, it’s just cold, hard fact – “I’ll know I found the one when… we actually despise each other but the only thing holding the marriage together is a dog and a mortgage”. This shows you’re funny and realistic.

Question: Let’s debate this topic

If you’re not really a funny or witty type of person this is a good question to go for. You can actually be serious about something you care about, either more lighthearted “Let’s debate this topic: eating the skin of a kiwi” or go in with something like “the world is burning around us and no one’s doing anything about it”. You’re bound to get good chat in return.

Question: I want someone who

This is a fun response to this Hinge question because it allows you to express a bit of your personality. By saying “I want someone who… can correctly stand where the tube doors open” shows you really appreciate the satisfaction of waiting for your train and landing in the perfect spot to get on first. Anyone reading this who relates to that will 100 per cent want to sleep with you.

Question: Typical Sunday

“Typical Sunday… 5pm brunch + hangxiety” – honest. Everyone appreciates honesty. Also, very true and relatable. We all post pics of our perfect avocado on toast but no one ever talks about the existential crisis simultaneously happening inside our heads.

Question: Weirdest gift I have given or received

Another opportunity to give a funny true story without having to think up something clever. Best not to copy this response from someone else because you’ll look really weird if you get found out that you stole someone else’s story about the handwash they bought their granny.

Question: Dating me is like

If you think you’re funny and witty and clever then this could be a good one. If you don’t then “dating me is like… Brexit and Coronavirus Day” is a good response – relevant, shows you read the news, a bit sad.

Big don’ts

We’ve given you some fun ideas of the best Hinge questions and answers to use now for the big no’s. Firstly, your life mantra – unless it’s ironic it’s going to be cringe and generic and no one really cares. A fact about yourself that doesn’t really encourage conversation, eg: I love red wine. Great, you and most other people feel the same, there is no easy way to continue chat after this.

Anything about travelling, it’s so predictable and it’s seen on every other profile – don’t do it. Repeating the same answer for the three questions – it’s not funny or ironic, it just proves you couldn’t think of anything clever to say.

The worst one of all: “There will be a second date if… you show up”. Gross. Don’t be self-deprecating it’s not cute and I will not show up.

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