If you’re still upset about last night’s Drag Race elimination, these 17 memes will make it better

I will never get over Veronica Green’s transformation

Episode two of Drag Race UK dropped on BBC last night and with came many more passionate memes and reactions. This week, the general opinion on Twitter is: Once again the UK series is better, Tayce is the most beautiful contestant they’ve ever had, and Veronica Green’s drag transformation must be witchcraft.

Here’s a roundup of the best reactions from last night’s episode:

1. It’s Britain in a bag

2. Her drag transformation never gets old

3. Violet Chachki is the queen of RuVeals forever

4. Surely this is next week’s lip-sync song

5. It’s not fair and it’s not right

6. That’s definitely not the phrase

7. Drag Race AND Washington DC – such range


9. Quite happy being locked in my house for this

10. Can they see the talent ?!

11. Even Bob the Drag Queen is pissed

12. I wish it was the other way round

13. Tayce’s face is why I watch Drag Race (a poem)

14. Give it to me BBC !!!!

15. It’s just better

16. Not quite Brooklyn but good try x

17. I was so happy until the last 10 mins

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