Would you end up with Mark Darcy or Daniel Cleaver? Take our quiz to find out

Sexy lawyer or noughties fuckboy?

When we watch Bridget Jones’s Diary, naturally we’re all rooting for Mark Darcy. He’s the one Bridget actually really loves and, of course, we all just want Bridget to be happy.

However, Mr Darcy is a bit boring (even she admits it). He’s got a pole up his arse and he can’t manage anything remotely spontaneous. He can’t even manage other emotions outside of the awkward mystery man. And then comes Daniel Cleaver – a noughties fuckboy. He’s slimy, often disrespectful and unbearably cocky. BUT when he’s around exciting things happen, like sex or trips to Thailand or magic mushrooms.

We all know who we want Bridget to end up with but, if it was you, would the answer be the same? Are you desperate for the comforting stability Darcy offers even if it’s completely predictable? Or would you much rather wild sex and adventure at the expense of your own self-respect? It’s a tough one, so let us do the answering for you with our magical quiz:

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