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Who would be your TikTok boyfriend? Take this quiz to find out

We can’t all have Noah Beck

For some reason the guys on TikTok are another level of fit. They’ve got perfect hair, fun personalities and can dance pretty well. So naturally I want to find out which one of them would be my boyfriend, if I ever happened to get rich and TikTok famous that is.

There’s plenty of different guys on TikTok. There’s the classic TikToker, he lives in LA, is beyond attractive, doesn’t really do much and yet still has millions of followers. I’m talking about the Noah Becks and Bryce Halls of the world.

And of course there’s the classic e-boy like Chase Hudson who will suit your vibe if you like guys with nail polish. Or of course there’s the guy that goes viral with his videos like Michael Le and is now mega famous and dances with his family all day long. And finally there’s the David Dorbiks of the TikTok, except he’s very unique and there really is only one David Dobrik.

But which of these TikTok guys would you end up with? Well you need to take our TikTok boyfriend quiz to find out. By answering 11 questions about your dating preferences you’ll find just who you’ll be spending your days lip syncing with.

Take this TikTok boyfriend quiz to find out which guy you’d be with:

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