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Writing books to having kids: What the Young Sheldon cast are doing now the show is ending

I’ll be immediately adding Raegan Revord’s upcoming book to my shopping cart

The Young Sheldon finale is nearly here, with the final episode set to be aired on 16th May. After seven seasons of the prequel to The Big Bang Theory, fans of the show have practically watched the younger cast members grow up on screen – Iain Armitage, who plays Sheldon, held the starring role from nine to 15 years old.

The cast members have shared their sadness over she show’s conclusion in a series of interviews, alongside their thoughts on what comes next after leaving such a well-known sitcom. From book deals to weddings and pregnancies, here’s what all of the Young Sheldon main cast will be doing next after the finale airs.

Annie Potts – Meemaw

Annie Potts has described the show’s cancellation as “a stupid business move” in a recent interview with Variety, adding that there will be a “grievous hole” in her life after the show’s end. Her future plans are not set in stone, however she has said she wouldn’t be surprised if there was another Ghostbusters movie after her recent role in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire.

In an interview with The Guardian last March, she revealed that she hopes to return to the stage, having attended theatre school in the past and performing in God of Carnage on Broadway in 2010. Currently, she has founded a charity named The Heart Channels which, among other causes, provides aid for special needs children in Anguilla and helps refugee families resettle in the USA.

Iain Armitage – Sheldon

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Young Sheldon’s starring actor has been in the role of a young Sheldon Cooper since he was just nine years old. Now 15, the young actor’s future plans are unclear. He recently told People he hopes his next project will be at the “exact opposite end of the spectrum” to Young Sheldon.

“I would love to do something Indie, maybe something action, maybe something sci-fi, just something super different and weird. Like a drama, again, kind of like Big Little Lies,” he added. Armitage has previously played Ziggy Chapman in HBO’s Big Little Lies, so it seems like similar projects may be on their way!

Emily Osment – Mandy

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The actress most well known for playing Hannah Montana’s best friend is finally getting her main character moment, with a Young Sheldon spin-off show set to focus on her character, Mandy’s, life with Georgie Cooper and their daughter, CeeCee. Georgie and Mandy’s First Marriage will premiere in Autumn 2024, and will film with a live studio audience.

In her personal life, Emily announced her engagement to fiancé Jack Anthony in June 2023, and said in an interview with People that she “cannot wait to be married.” Her wedding will take place next autumn, and so far she has shared that wedding planning has been going “great,” and she keeps reminding herself that “you’re only going to do this [get married] once” when planning.

She is also a singer, going by the name of Bluebiird, and recently released her single Porcelain Doll in April, so we can hopefully expect to see more music from the actress and singer in the future.

Montana Jordan – Georgie

Montana Jordan has also shared his excitement at the upcoming Young Sheldon spinoff that he will star in. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, he commented: “I’m thankful and blessed that they blessed us with this opportunity.” He said the opportunity “kind of helps” him to take his mind off Young Sheldon coming to an end. Shooting for the show begins this summer.

Jordan will soon be a dad in real life as well as on screen, as he is currently expecting a baby with girlfriend Jenna Weeks. The couple shared a sweet Instagram post in April to celebrate the ninth month of Jenna’s pregnancy, and the soon-to-be mother and social media personality said she “can only hope” that their child “will share the best parts of both me and your dad.”

Raegan Revord – Missy

Raegan Revord may be one of the youngest leading cast members for Young Sheldon, but she is definitely going to be one of the busiest after the show’s finale. Off screen, Raegan is an avid writer and reader, and began an online book club in August 2022 called Read with Raegan. The group’s Instagram account currently has an impressive 64.6k followers and follows a new book every month.

The 16-year-old actress has also been working on her debut novel, Rules for Fake Girlfriends, ready for publication in Autumn 2025. The book is a YA romance and will be published by Wednesday Books.

She’s shared that she won’t be appearing in Georgie’s and Mandy’s spin-off series as she “wasn’t invited” however that hasn’t stopped her from keeping her schedule full! In an interview with Screen Rant, she said she would “love” to play Missy again, but she is wary of being “pigeonholed” as a comedy actress. Like her co-star Iain, she hopes to try out some different genres of screen work.

“I can see myself acting in any type of genre—drama, horror, sci-fi, whatever,” she said, “so I do want to explore the options and see what else is out there, but I love Missy dearly.”

Zoe Perry – Mary

Young Sheldon’s on-screen mom is played by actress Zoe Perry, the daughter of Sheila Perry, who actually played an older version of Mary Cooper in the Big Bang Theory. Her future acting plans are unclear, especially with the extended cast of Georgie and Mandy’s First Marriage yet to be announced. When asked prior to the final season’s release whether her character will appear in the spin-off, Perry said “one can hope.” She told a reporter at PaleyFest she was unsure of what the plans were for Mary’s character, but she was excited at the prospect of the Big Bang universe continuing.

Lance Barber – George Senior

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Lance Barber’s future plans are also slightly unclear. CBS has confirmed that the final episodes of Young Sheldon will involve George Senior’s funeral, so it seems unlikely that he will appear in the future spin-off. He currently doesn’t have any public plans for the future, and lives with his wife, Aliza, and their two daughters.

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