Here’s how old all the RuPaul’s Drag Race season 12 queens are

Wait WHAT? Sherry Pie is 27 !!!

After 12 seasons of Drag Race, a key thing we’ve all learnt is – guessing the queens’ ages is near impossible. Who knows why? Maybe it’s their wonderful skincare routines or maybe the joy of doing drag keeps them young.

Their age is also barely talked about on the show, it’s like it’s an unspoken rule. Unless they’re the youngest or they’re being rinsed for being the oldest, we don’t get any hints of whether they’re the same age as us or nearer the age of our dads. Guess no more – here are all the ages of the season 12 queens.

The ages of this season’s Drag Race queens:

Gigi Goode

Age: 21

Credit: Instagram

Gigi Goode is also Gigi young. She’s only 21, putting her as the baby queen of this season which makes it even more impressive that she’s absolutely thrashing them all.

Heidi N Closet

Age: 24

The world’s favourite, Heidi, comes next being just 24. Her Heidi’s Hydrates moisturiser advert was the best part of this season so far – I’ve linked it again for all your enjoyment.


Age: 26

Third youngest is Just Jan who left with 8th place last week. Jan is one of the many New York City queens in this season.

Sherry Pie

Age: 27

Credit: Instagram

Sherry Pie is the controversial queen of the season after she was accused of catfishing various young men in the past. Sherry Pie brings even more shocking news as she’s only 27!! Anyone else thought she was at least late thirties?

Crystal Methyd

Age: 28

Credit: Instagram

Crystal Methyd has the excitable spirit of a small child but she’s definitely not the youngest. It clearly takes a bit of age and experience to work a mullet like that.

Nicky Doll

Age: 28

Credit: Instagram

The French beauty Nicky Doll is also 28 and is another New York City queen. She walked away with 11th place.

Rock M. Sakura

Age: 28

Credit: Instagram

Rock M. Sakura is from San Francisco and came 12th in the competition.

Dahlia Sin

Age: 28

Credit: Instagram

Dahlia is from Los Angeles and was the first one to get booted, however, she’s probably got more air time than most contestants with her broccoli costume.

She’s part of the Haus of Aja, which is led by Aja, a queen from season nine.

Aiden Zhane

Age: 29

Credit: Instagram

Strange Aiden Zhane with the wonky contacts is next oldest. She’s from Georgia and came 10th in the show.

Widow Von’Du

Age: 30

Credit: Instagram

Arguably the sassiest queen of the season. Widow Von’Du comes from Kansas City.

Jaida Essence Hall

Age: 32

Credit: Instagram

Another surprising age – Jaida is one of the oldest queens of the group. She has maturity, poise and the face of a goddess.

Jackie Cox

Age: 34

Credit: Instagram

The third New York queen, Jackie Cox is 34 and owns the best glasses collection in the world.


Age: 34

Credit: Instagram

Alongside Jackie, Brita is the oldest queen and is also from New York City (as we all heard many many times). Brita survived a fair few lip sync battles and was eventually eliminated in 9th place.

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