Quiz: Which Trash TV queen are you, really?

Chaotic and highly emotional? Honey, you’re Kim K

From the beginning of Trash TV history, every new series comes with its very own trashy queen. They’re the reason the show is successful – they start all the drama, cry and have sex on TV, and throw the maddest parties. You either hate them because they’re so mean and arrogant they create unreplaceable entertainment or their chaotic relatability means you’re desperate to be their mate. Whether it be love or hate, it’s an obsession and with every new hour watched you hope to absorb some of their powerful queen energy.

The trash TV queens have been in front of our eyes for many years – from the top dog of Selling Sunset, Christine, to the completely loveable Olivia Bowen, to the crazy oddball you can’t help but respect, Carole Baskin. They’re all so different and they touch us all in a unique way so, of course, it’s only right to take this quiz and find out which one you are:

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