We are all emotionally aligned to one chaotic reality TV queen, but which are you?

If I don’t get Maura I’m outta here

Let me set a scene for you. It’s a montage in your head. It’s flashing past quickly. It’s Maura Higgins sucking on an ice lolly, staring at a man like she wants to eat him. Now it’s Francesca and Hayley kissing in the bathroom to purposefully cost other contestants three grand. Suddenly Megan Barton Hanson is doing a strip tease so sexually charged you break out into a cold sweat. You look over, Jessica from Love Is Blind is feeding her dog wine. Gigi runs out of her own wedding and rips her wedding dress. It is, quite simply, picture perfect reality TV drama.

We owe our lives to the agents of chaos that save these TV shows from being completely bland and unwatchable. Without Maura Higgins, we would not have the phrase fanny flutters. And imagine watching Too Hot To Handle without Francesca, or Love Is Blind without Jessica? That is not a world I want to live in.

These women are more iconic than every other contestant on their respective show combined, and the truth is: We all have a little bit of them within us. Whether it be the messiness of Jessica, the raw sexual power of Megan Barton Hanson or just truly not giving a fuck like Haley from THTH. Every woman has a bit of chaotic energy in her. Or, actually, quite a lot of chaotic energy within her. But who does your specific chaos most align to? Only this quiz can tell.

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