What happened between the Haus of Aja and Drag Race’s Kandy Muse?

Dhalia Sinn from season 12 was also a member of the group

There’s only been one episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13 and there’s already drama. Kandy Muse is one of this season’s members and the first thing she said was that she’s a former member of the Haus of Aja because of a rift between her and season nine’s Aja.

Kandy explained there was some jealousy from Aja because of Kandy’s fame and so she left the house and started a new one with Dhalia Sin – the Pork Chop of season 12 and the iconic broccoli. Here’s everything we know about the Haus of Aja, the drama that went down and what’s happened since.

What happened to the Haus of Aja?

It’s not quite as clear cut as Kandy implied. From what she said, it seemed like a big argument kicked off centred in jealousy and Kandy left and took Dhalia with her. In fact, the break up of the group, which happened in June 2018, was instigated by the mother of the house herself, Aja.

The Haus of Aja. Credit: Instagram

According to reports, Aja said she no longer wanted to be viewed as a drag queen but instead as a queer artist. She stated: “Being a queer artist is more generalised, and being a drag queen is way more specific. I know I kind of let go of the idea of being a drag queen because, for most people, the stereotypical drag queen lip syncs and performs.”

She continued: “I’ve been working on my burlesque and my live music, and I don’t really have the drive to dance and flip flop and be doing dips and, ‘Is she gonna jump from there?’ It’s just not something I want to do. It’s something that is part of me, but it’s not something that I’m carrying into the future, so I’m kind of leaving the term behind.”

Aja continues to release her own music and in 2019 she released her debut album Box Office.

Who else was involved in the Haus of Aja split?

Aja, MoMo Shade, Kandy Muse, Janelle No. 5, and Dahlia Sin were all members of the group. After the split happened Kandy, Dahlia and Janelle No. 5 created their own group called Doll Haus (the group Kandy mentioned in the first episode). The three queens do a lot of shows and work together.

Credit: Instagram

Are Aja and Kandy Muse still friends?

From what Kandy said in the first episode, it seems like there’s still tension. She said Aja was jealous of her and implied she’s now more successful than Aja so I can’t imagine they’re best mates. However, last January, Kandy posted a picture with Aja suggesting they were friends then. Who knows what’s happened since? Hopefully, we’ll find out more this season.

Featured image credit: @thekandymuse and @ajathekween

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