Masks and plastic screens: Some of the changes pubs might introduce to help them reopen

Staff could have to disinfect the tables every 15 mins

Brewdog has announced plans for adapting its bars for the post-pandemic period in the hope that they can begin to reopen whilst keeping their staff and customers as safe as possible.

In March, all pubs and restaurants were closed to slow down the spread of COVID-19. Since then, Dominic Raab has said they are unlikely to reopen before July at the earliest. However, Brewdog has begun plans to introduce changes to their bars to ensure they can reopen as a safer, more hygienic environment.

Proposed changes include plastic screening between tables and staff being required to wear gloves and masks at all times.

David McDowall, chief operating officer for the Brewdog group, told The Times: “We long for the day when our team is back in our bars. With that in mind, while we eagerly await official guidance from the government our amazing bar teams have been working on various proposals”.

Brewdog’s proposals have been welcomed by UK hospitality. Chief executive, Kate Nicholls said: “This is brilliant, and shows the positive steps hospitality is ready to take to reopen at the right time and in the right way to protects our teams and guests”.

Though positive and hopeful, these changes are likely to dramatically change the pub experience we’re used to. These are some of the changes we could see:

Orders happen through an app

A fun novelty at Weatherspoons is likely to become the norm for other chains. Ordering drinks at the bar won’t be an option, instead you’ll place your order through an app and receive table service. This prevents crowding around the bar.

Staff will be wearing gloves and masks

To ensure staff are as safe as possible, they will be supplied with protective equipment. They would have to wear these throughout every shift.

All costumers will have use hand sanitizer regularly

There are likely to be hand sanitiser stations around the pubs that people have to use.

Social distancing rules will still be in place

Even though being in a pub will feel like a step towards normal, everyone still has to continue social distancing inside. Like supermarkets, there will be signs on the floor that people have to follow t0 ensure everyone remains two metres apart.

The number of seats and tables will be reduced

The amount of furniture in pubs will be reduced to avoid crowding. Less furniture means more room for everyone to space out, as well as less customer capacity.

Drinks can only be paid for using contactless

Paying with cash won’t be an option anymore. To prevent any unnecessary contact between customers and staff, payment would happen through contactless cards or phones only.

You’ll be given single-use menus

All the menus will be disposable. Each new customer will get a fresh menu, which would then be thrown away straight after.

Plastic screens will be put between tables

As well as the tables being more spread out, you can also request clear screen shields that will be mounted to either side of your table as extra protection from other people.

Surfaces will be disinfected every 15 minutes

To ensure the spread of germs is kept to a minimum, staff will be disinfecting all tables and surfaces every 15 minutes.

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