PLT is selling a mask with ‘single’ on, so you can find love in the bread aisle

How else are you going let people know?

PrettyLittleThing has released a new range of face masks, with 100 per cent of profits going to the NHS. Within the new range of nearly 100 masks, is the best thing to come out of lockdown – a face mask with the word “single” on it, so you can let everyone at the supermarket know you are single and ready to mingle at an appropriate two metre distance.

A face mask indicating your relationship status is exactly what we need during a pandemic, how else are you going to let the fit boy in aisle 12 know you’re available to wave at?

Don’t worry if you’re in a relationship because PrettyLittleThing has also created a “taken” mask so you can let everyone know not to approach you and ask you out. Oh wait, they can’t do that anyway.

For the couples that want everyone to know they’re in a relationship, because holding hands and not sticking to one side of the path isn’t enough of an indicator, PrettyLittleThing has designed matching Mr and Mrs face masks.

If you and your best mate are planning on meeting up in the park you can also get matching face masks. One says “best” and the other “friends”, slightly embarrassing for the person who has to wear the “best” one when they’re on their own, everyone’s going to think they’re really into themselves.

The new range of face masks also include masks with the locations “New York”, “Paris”, “London”, just as a reminder for all the places you can’t visit.

And possibly the best one of all is the mask with the word “influencer” on it, because how else would we spot them?

The masks are available for £5 each and all the proceeds are going to the Manchester Foundation Trust, which is an NHS charity that supports a number of hospitals in Manchester.

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