ASOS is now showing what clothes look like on different sized models!!

This is a game changer

You can now see what clothes look like on different sized models on ASOS and honestly it’s life changing.

ASOS haven’t released a statement but a Twitter user tweeted the life changing news and thank god she did.

On a number of selected dresses you can choose the option of viewing various models and compare them to see what the dress looks like.

The sizes range from UK size four to size 18 and most sizes have the option of viewing the dress on models at different heights from 5″1 to 5″11. Which is perfect because there’s been many a time if you’re a tall girl where the dress barely covers your crotch.

asos model size

via ASOS

On the model size selector the info button says the change has come because representing diversity is important to ASOS.

However the different images are created electronically not photographed in real life on the model, so the fit may not be accurate.

The feature currently only shows a front on shot of the model. To see all the dresses which you can compare sizes for visit the ‘See My Fit’ page on ASOS.

via ASOS

The info reads: “Recognising the diversity of our customers is important to us, so we’ve taken images of models of different sizes and digitally imposed products on them to display how the same product could look on different body types. The result is achieved digitally, so the fit won’t be exact.”

Currently the different model option is only available on some dresses but it does cover various brands on the ASOS website such as Missguided.

But here’s hoping that it’s rolled out to all clothing options because we need to see what jeans look like on your bum and waist.

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