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Ryanair has announced you’ll need to ask to go to toilet on flights

Am I back in school?

Ryanair announced new safety measures today for future flights taking place from July, and within the new regulations includes the rule that customers will have to ask permission to go to the toilet on Ryanair flights.

This new rule will be in place to prevent queuing on board the plane and customers will be able to use the facilities “upon request”, so it’s basically going to feel like being back in school.

If government restrictions on travel to Europe are lifted, Ryanair is planning to restart 40 per cent of their flights.

Aside from the toilet restriction rule, Ryanair will also be providing pre-packaged snacks and drinks on board the aircraft and you won’t be allowed to use cash to pay for them.

Ryanair are also planning on giving the aircraft a deep clean every night with “effective chemicals” and you will need to check your bags in via self service.

Within airports people will have to undergo temperature tests, wear face masks and use hand sanitiser.

Wizz Air also announced new flying safety measures last week. On their future flights there will not provide magazines, they will be giving sanitising wipes to everyone and all passengers and crew will have to wear face masks.

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