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Emily Shead
London University


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All the best signs from this weekend’s Reclaim These Streets protests and vigils

‘We won’t stop protesting until men stop killing us’

Violence used at Clapham Common Sarah Everard vigil to disperse peaceful attendees

Police officers used force to remove people from the bandstand and benches

These 23 Drag Race UK tweets are the best thing you’ll read today, not a joke just a fact

Justice for A’Whora 2021

Hey squirrel friends! It’s time to find out which Drag Race season 13 queen you are

Time to separate the Kandys from the Olivias

UCL announces response to roadmap: Creative and practical students to return to campus

All creative and practical teaching to return to face to face teaching on the 8th of March

Your Tabony Aunts are here to answer all your Valentine’s worries and concerns

Don’t be like Bridget this Valentine’s Day

I dated a boy from every uni in the country so you don’t have to

We should all just be dating boys from Nottingham Uni tbh

Gemma Collins announced as guest judge for Snatch Game on next week’s Drag Race UK

Her opening joke better be: ‘I’m claustrophobic Darren!!’

UCL offers student £5k after claims lecturer initiated inappropriate sexual relations

He has been offered the money to pay for the therapy he’s been undergoing since the event

Condonement, free resits and widened classification borders: The UCL No Detriment policy 2021

If 50 per cent of your modules are graded at 70 or higher you will be eligible for a first with an average higher than 67.5

UCL Students’ Union removes full-time BAME and Women’s Sabbatical Officer positions

Both positions will now come under the remit of the new Equity Officer

Exclusive: Government aims to allow students back to uni on 8th March

The roadmap for universities is now the same as schools

Alright babes? It’s time to find out which Drag Race UK season two queen you are

Deep down we all know that we just want to be Tayce

Every queer you’ll meet on the London dating scene

Techno is not a substitute for a personality

Ginny Lemon from Drag Race UK claims they were ‘hounded out of job’ at uni for being gay

Ginny asked to be removed from Worcester University’s LGBT history month post

Education officer sorry for ‘patronising’ advice telling struggling students to drop out

The officer told students they would be a success even if they ‘walk away from their degrees’

Bournemouth uni offering students a 50 per cent rent rebate for the lockdown period

Students in halls won’t have to pay their normal rent rates until March

Every type of girl you will meet on the London dating scene

Is she your future wife or just one of the lads? Meet the London girls who will shape your city dating life

Asttina Mandella on Drag Race UK, Naomi Campbell and her favourite British night out

‘I’d love to take Ru clubbing in Circa’

‘Practice, practice!’: Michelle Visage offers her advice to aspiring young drag queens

‘Remember we are an empowered family’

Every type of boy you will meet on the London dating scene

Pints, buzzcuts and identity crises

These 15 tweets are all the evidence you need to crown Olivia Lux the Drag Race winner now

She is the queen of all our hearts

28,000 people sign the petition to include mental health in university rankings

‘For a uni to be recognised as the best in the country, it must provide the best mental health support’

Take this RuPaul lyric quiz and we’ll tell you how well you’d lip sync for your life

Are you headed for the Drag Race Hall of Fame or sashaying away in week one?

Salford Uni offers students £1,000 in rent rebate even if they have a private landlord

And students living in halls can get up to £1,200!

City University of London is considering academic support policies to best support students

Does this mean City students will be getting a no detriment policy?

A no detriment policy isn’t going to ruin the ‘integrity’ of my degree. It’s already ruined

So A-levels and GCSEs retain their integrity with added support but a degree cannot?

London uni students set up a whole security system to stop their party being shut down

Who knew you could D.I.Y. your own CCTV?

London Southbank Uni agrees to no detriment policy after online learning down for a month

They will also be introducing assessment extensions and semester one resits

We spoke to the judges of RPDR UK about the guest judges RuPaul wants on the show

Her Royal Highness the Queen of England on Drag Race?!?

UPDATES: The current status of no detriment policies across London Unis

SOAS and Greenwich have already announced their no detriment policies

London Southbank students unable to access online learning for a full month

Poor Southbank students couldn’t even get onto Moodle

Since March 2020, I have only had one contact hour with my university

I will graduate having done 50 per cent of my degree online and I’m still paying nearly £30k for the privilege

UCL says they are ‘revising and reviewing’ no detriment policy

They’re reviewing their academic policies in light of the pandemic

These are all the petitions you can go and sign to support no detriment policies

Most petitions have over 2,000 signatures already

BREAKING: LSE moves teaching online for the rest of the year

LSE Director says teaching will go online for the rest of the Academic Year

UCL SU pledges to support students fighting for academic safety net this year

They’re releasing a full statement on Thursday addressing tuition fees and a safety net

All the relevant no detriment and safety net petitions for your London Uni

There are so many petitions going round but which ones are for your uni?

UCL student writes open letter calling for a no detriment policy

Use the email template to ask the provost to reinstate the no detriment policy

QMUL ignores government advice and ‘welcomes’ students return to campus immediately

They are the first London University not to adhere to government guidelines and to stagger the return to campus

All the current London universities that have announced their teaching plans for Term 2

Find out what your uni is doing this term about returning to campus in Tier 4

UCL suspends all face to face teaching until 22nd of February

They have strongly advised students not to return to campus until reading week, at the earliest

If you’re a London student you will make and break at least one of these New Year’s resolutions

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again, we’re fortune tellers- here are all the New Year’s resolutions you will try and break as a Londoner

MiC’s Freddie Browne compares himself to racist Tory Enoch Powell in Instagram story

The man who famously feared that black people would rise up to rule over whites

Meet Taylor Castro: we spoke to London’s most famous uni TikToker about UCL life

She’s got 45k and some killer videos

Imperial students call for VC Alice Gast to resign after she admits to bullying claims

Students are set to protest on Queen’s Lawn this week

A comprehensive list of every single couple you will encounter at university

There’s sporty couples, smart couples, social couples, sexy couples. We have covered them all.

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13 is coming!! Meet the queens who will be taking part

We’ve got ice skaters, makeup artists and professional dancers

Imperial accused of covering up bullying claims against President Alice Gast

She was accused of reducing staff to tears

To all the fatphobes on UCLove, your views are not welcome at this uni

Discriminating against people for their appearance and making people feel uncomfortable for UCLove clout? Really?

Students shocked as UCL lecturer gives online class while driving his car

Dr Edwards decided to give his animal and human physiology class from behind the wheel

The Class of 2021 are owed a no detriment policy, read for yourself

Our conditions are no different from last years graduates, with less support and academic security so where is our no detriment policy?

What brand of posh are you? Take this quiz to find out

Just as there are different types of Spice Girl, there are different types of posh people, but what brand of posh are you?

Eating disorders are on the rise at UCL and no one is talking about it

Over 60 per cent of students surveyed experienced disordered eating in lockdown

£9250 a year for not a single in person seminar, really?

Your lecturer can’t look at your work over a zoom call

UCL EFS President resigns after homophobic WhatsApp messages scandal

The committee member who sent the messages has also been removed

Why everyone is talking about Eggslut?

Because it’s eggcellent… duh…

VP of UCL EFS invites 100 freshers to halls and says they’re ‘gay’ if they don’t attend

He also encouraged them all to join him in Camden McDonald’s

The quaran-dictionary: all the best and worst slang from the pandemic

I’m sorry Panny D will never not make me want to vomit

Your life’s about to get muuuuch better because a Drag Race UK spinoff is coming!!!

God Shave the Queen will be gracing our screens next month

BREAKING: London households will not be able to mix inside from the weekend

The capital will move from Tier 1 to Tier 2 from Saturday

‘We’re not all sex fiends’: French people tell us what they really think of Emily in Paris

Just because it’s France doesn’t mean that smoking indoors isn’t still illegal

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK star Crystal is suing Laurence Fox for ‘homophobic defamation’

In an argument over Twitter, Lawrence Fox called Crystal a ‘paedophile’

PSA: Someone’s dumped three tonnes of carrots on Goldsmiths Uni campus

An art exhibition involving 240,000 carrots? Okay then, someone really wants to see in the dark

Forcing students to stay at their universities will cause a mental health crisis

Take it from us, the actual students

Here are seven shows you must watch to fill that glittery Drag Race hole in your heart

All the tongue-popping and death dropping your heart desires

These are the new rules of getting with people at uni, pandemic edition

I got new rules I count ’em

UCL jumps eight places on the Guardian University Guide

University College London rises from 22nd in 2020 to 14th in 2021

How to early 2000s romcom your way through a breakup

Letting your friends sing Chiquitita to you fixes everything

UCL 16th best university in the World

UCL ranks in the top 20 globally in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings

29 primary school rules that we never realised were dumb af when we were kids

Getting a note wrong on the recorder was actually pure stress

Gather round boys and girls, it’s time to find out which Canada’s Drag Race queen you are

Who’s your sickening soul sister from the North?

UCL renames buildings named after eugenicists

Buildings and lecture theatres across campus are no longer named after eugenicists as part of the UCL Eugenics Inquiry

So you’ve screwed your best mate, here is how to stop it screwing with your head

A step by step guide on how to manage the walls of the friend zone crumbling around you

Here’s how to stay safe while attending a socially distanced protest

So you can support Black Lives Matter and stay safe at the same time

BLM: The UCL student who is demanding justice from Academic Institutions

A group of students have come together to produce a letter addressing Academic Institutions worldwide imploring them to recognise the death of George Floyd

Multiple host universities have cancelled years abroad for UCL students

UCL have informed students that years abroad are being cancelled or are being moved online

Notting Hill Carnival 2020 officially cancelled with plans to move it online

Ready the tissues, Notting Hill Carnival has now been cancelled due to the pandemic

Imperial stands by Gov scientist that broke lockdown rules to meet married lover

Chief Government scientist Neil Ferguson breaks his own lockdown advice visiting his married lover

UCL student entrepreneurs launch lockdown tutoring service

Two UCL medics have set up their own business to help school students who have had their studies affected by recent school closures

‘I might still get a first!’: UCL will officially be implementing a ‘no detriment’ policy

‘What a time to be alive!’

Trying to keep your head up through the Corona Blues: UCL edition

We’ve found UCL’s best attempts at finding silver linings in the middle of a pandemic

UCL has teamed up with Mercedes Formula 1 team to develop life-saving breathing aids

The new breathing device is designed to keep people out of the ICU and has been approved by the NHS

UCL students and staff step up to help the NHS

Both students and staff step up to the national call and help tackle Covid-19

UCL cancels all assessment for first years and replaces it with ‘reflective essay’

The essay is on ‘something you have learned’ in first year

UCL students trash Schafer Hall during coronavirus crisis

They threw a microwave and a TV out the window

UCL officially calls off all face-to-face teaching for rest of year

Everything is moving online

Aristophanes’ Frogs: nothing short of hilarious

Modern Rave Culture meets the Ancient Theatrical Arts

Jordan from Love Island works at UCL

Imagine having Jordan teaching your Corporate Finance Seminar

I did Dry January as a student and it was the hardest experience of my life

The tough call of cancelling your social life or braving the clubs sober

The 12 inevitable truths about the UCL ski trip

Time for the nitty gritty truths of Alp D’Huez 2019

UCL’s outsourced workers go on the biggest strike in Education History

UCL IWGB are campaigning to be treated the same as UCL’s direct employees

Which drinking game describes your personality?

If you get ring of fire you’re just a bit tragic, sorry

UCL students drop human brain on the floor during lab experiment

Students sign waivers which require them to be respectful with human body parts

The things I wish I’d known in first year

From surviving at uni to thriving at uni x

Loop Clubbers of the Week: Spooky Edition

Halloween loop was scarier than usual

Loop’s Clubbers of the Week

You’re not the only one who’s excited about the VK bar

What does your UCL accommodation say about you?

The verdict’s in, what do your halls say about your personality?

UCL to host expelled labour activist Jackie Walker at book panel

She was expelled in March for antisemitic comments

Cut the Rent membership increases as prices continue to rise

It has the highest Fresher’s sign up to date