RuPaul’s Drag Race songs ranked from average to amazing to completely life-changing

This show has given us so many bops

After over a week of non-stop bing bang bongs, there’s no doubt RuPaul’s Drag Race has provided us with yet another banger. Every new series brings another cover of one of RuPaul’s many anthems and each one is, arguably, more iconic than the last.

We had Break Up (Bye Bye) from last year’s Frock Destroyers, we’ve had endless bops from the US series, incredible performances from All Stars and, of course, we’ve also had some really big misses. Out of all the songs this show has given us, some are listened to at least once a week and others are forgotten forever.

Here’s a ranking of all the RuPaul’s Drag Race songs from awful to outstanding.

Get Ready to Clock

This comes in at the bottom because it simply wasn’t great. At this point, we’d had seven seasons of the show, and yet the music video is awkward and the queens’ singing isn’t up to scratch. Also, Sissy That Walk is a great song and it deserved its own moment.


Second-bottom had to go to one of the earlier performances because the old-school filter is too distracting. Of course, Champion is a good, catchy song and the queens’ performances are semi-convincing but it’s not enough.


The season four queens produced Glamazon. It has no original verses so it was never going to score that high and the music video is so budget and chaotic. But it’s a great song and Michelle’s cameo makes it.



In comes the most recent Drag Race song from season 13. The reason this receives a low score is because it was a bit all over the place and the performances weren’t great. It was one of their first challenges so I’m not mad, I’m disappointed.


Phenomenon is on the lower end of the scale because of similar reasons, however, it beats Condragulations because Joey Jay and Denali’s verses are fucking great and this group had all the dancers so they killed the performance.

I’m That Bitch

This is why Ru should wait and leave his songs to the top four. Season 12 did this in the first episode and it was a bit of a letdown because they were all still scared little baby queens. I’m sorry but they were not that bitch.

Queens Everywhere

This is a great bop but the music video wasn’t up to scratch. Aside from Yvie Oddly and Brooke-Lynn Heights’ performances, the other three just weren’t in it. Miss Vanjee was lost, Silky was falling all over the show and A’Keria didn’t give us the power we hoped for. However, Vanjee’s “fish latina, really nice to meet ya” is definitely the best line in the whole song.

The Beginning

Season five’s performance of The Beginning was very fun. Alaska, Jinx Monsoon and Roxxxy Andrews performing different (but the same) roles in a courtroom with Ru as the judge resulted in a highly entertaining music video to a great song.


Though this doesn’t quite meet the quality of later videos, the song is a gay anthem and the music video is so neon it’s right.


Season 10 brought us American. The dance moves were great, the combination of singing and rapping for each verse spoilt us and the song is a Ru classic.

Super Queen

All Stars has brought us a lot of great performances, and All Stars Four didn’t let us down with this dominatrix space-themed performance of Super Queen. Highlights include: the past three All Stars winners featuring in the background, Monét’s incredible dance moves and Trinity’s body-ody-ody.

Cover Girl

The first-ever Drag Race music video. Yes it’s blurry, budget and a bit shit but it’s the anthem of the series and the beginning of an incredible journey. The other queens stand on the shoulders of Cover Girl.

Jealous of my Boogie

Jealous of my Boogie earns its place because of the super-villain plot that surrounds it. The acting is so shit, it’s comedy gold. The slap sequence, the autotune and Ru’s main stage dancing – this performance deserves its own Emmy.


Clap Back

Another amazing song featuring Jujubee – this is the All Stars Five performance of Clap Back. Miz Cracker’s verse is genius and Shea Couleé’s impeccable raping and dancing skills make this another history-making moment.

Category Is

Season nine has arrived. The key reason this performance lands in the top ten is down to the lyrics. Peppermint’s “P-E-P-P-E-R bitch you know the rest” is maybe the best line of any Drag Race song ever. Sasha’s “I’m a magical bitch darling, that’s how I feel” is deeply relatable. And Shea’s super fast rap that ends with “I approve this message and all I’m gonna say is I’m Shea Coulee and I always” and then the chorus comes in – even Ru was like WOOOOOOW.

The Realness

The Realness music video is just pure S.E.X. Season eight’s Bob the Drag Queen, Kim Chi and Naomi Smalls did this 90s-inspired, neon moment featuring loads of naked bodies, sexy close-ups and eye contact. This song just makes me want to walk into work in eight-inch heels and scream “sickening no?!”.

Not Sorry Aboot It

Canada’s Drag Race did very well with their song performances. Not Sorry Aboot It was given to the group early on in the show but they didn’t disappoint. All the queens killed it with their verses, the looks were on point and, aside from a few choreo hiccups, the dancing was great.

U Wear it Well

Next up on the list has to be U Wear it Well from Canada’s Drag Race’s top three. They had a slightly easier time because this song is already amazing but their lyrics were fab, especially the queen of the series, Priyanka’s verse. One last question: WHAT’S MY NAME!!

Oh No She Better Don’t

Kicking off the top five is Oh No She Better Don’t. Before you question my choice – hear me out. RuPaul’s outfit, dancing and overall vibe is incredible I could (and have) watched it endless times. Also, in general, all the queens have great verses and moves, and Adore Delano’s 10-second moment makes this a hit forever.

Kitty Girl

Aside from being a great song with great lyrics, the music video to Kitty Girl is impeccable. Shangela leaps over boxes, Trixie Mattel runs through the whole studio and Bebe meows at the camera. However, the highlight of the whole song has to be when Kennedy Davenport sings: “feel your PUSS down deep in your soul” – the power of it.

Read U Wrote U

The greatest of all the All Stars songs can only be Read U Wrote U. Not only does it feature the famously awful Roxxxy Andrews verse, it also includes a head-to-toe blue Alaska, Detox walking on moving chairs and Katya looking so fit she made every straight woman in the world wonder what it means for their sexuality to fancy a gay man dressed as a woman.

It was iconic and it never gets old.

Break Up (Bye Bye)

Drag Race UK series one was a massive hit and a huge part of that was the Frock Destroyers’ smash hit Break Up (Bye Bye). Every time this song plays, you can’t help but do the “break up” arm movement. It’s catchy, raucous and completely outrageous.

UK Hun?

Obviously, this is the winner. You knew you were getting this as soon as you clicked on the link. UK Hun? made herstory by getting into the UK Top 40 and was played on radio stations across the country.

It’s camp, has a great beat and includes some seriously powerful lyrics. We may have an embarrassingly incompetent Prime Minister and the highest R rate in the world, but at least we have The United Kingdolls as part of our British legacy forever!

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