Prove yourself to The United Kingdolls and get full marks in this UK Hun? lyrics quiz


Clap for the bing bang bong, clap for the sing sang song, clap for the ding dang dong, clap for the UK hun, woo! Sorry, I really needed to get that off my chest.

If you’re already confused then LEAVE, you have no place in this quiz.

The lyrics to the legendary group, The United Kingdolls’ new song are ingrained in our minds, hearts and souls. We wake up singing “release the beast, BIMINI”, we go to sleep singing “can’t sing or dance but I’m so witty” and in our lucid dreams, we scream “inches to the floor, I ain’t talking ’bout my weave!!!!”.

This song has gone round (and around and around, yeah!) our heads for exactly 144 hours so you probably consider yourself a lyrical genius by now. It’s time to prove yourself. Prove you know it off by heart, from the chorus right down to the ad libs.

Take our UK Hun? lyrics quiz:

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