You defo don’t want to see any H&M, so look at these 31 UK Drag Race memes instead

Bang ba-da bing bang booong

Was it the most dramatic, outrageous and completely insane Drag Race episode in all of herstory? I think it was, you think it was and Twitter thinks it was.

There’s so much to unpack from last night’s episode. Firstly, seven months in Covid lockdown took about five years off these queens and added about two inches on Sister’s teeth. Then there’s the drama with Veronica and the second elimination of Joe Black (yikes). Then there’s the utter perfection that was the performances. And to top it all off – RuPaul hates H&M?!

The fun of last night’s episode isn’t over yet, it’s time to relive it all over again with these 31 memes.

1. It was about time this got turned into a RuPaul song

2. My WFH looks Monday, Wednesday and Friday

3. I don’t want to see any FUCKING H&M

4. Give her the crown sir !!!

5. Maybe Ru likes ASOS after all

6. Patrick Star was a drag queen in another life


7. We love you all

8. Thank you Tayce

9. He’s a fashion icon

10. A scene from Untucked:

11. Cheryl Hole oozes H&M energy

12. Bomini Bon No Ham

13. Iconique


15. Need I say more

16. I wonder how H&M feel right now

17. He shoulda kept his moof closed

18. It was never gonna happen H&M

19. She must be chuffed

20. United Kingdolls tour, please

21. Hiiii byeeee

22. I can’t believe Ginny’s transformation

23. Give them what they want !!!

24. In the spirit of Pancake Day

25. Joe Black? More like Mr White HA

26. Maybe the gayest episode we’ve ever seen

27. A bit disappointed this wasn’t the whole song tbh

28. We’re not gonna have THAT

29. Pick your fave look

30. She really is

31. One more time before you go

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