The five conspiracy theories about 5G towers that people are actually believing

Believers are so convinced, they’ve been setting phone masts on fire

For anyone who hasn’t heard yet, there are a lot of conspiracy theories going around about the new 5G towers and that they’re going to be the cause of all our early deaths.

5G towers are being built across the world to replace our 4G and provide us with faster internet. However, it appears that the boredom and fear inspired by global lockdown has meant people are turning to these new towers as the blame for all our problems.

The 5G theories started to gain momentum around the beginning of March and have now completely taken over social media. So many people are convinced by these theories, including celebs, that the UK government and telecoms industry have been forced to confront it, YouTube has also banned all 5G conspiracy vids. On top of this, believers are so passionate about the insidiousness of these 5G towers that some have reportedly “set phone masts on fire and harassed engineers laying fibre-optic cables in the UK”.

After extensive internet digging, I found the five main conspiracy theories surrounding these 5G towers that people are actually falling for:

The towers accidentally created coronavirus

One of the most common theories about 5G is that they accidentally created coronavirus. There’s no exact science to this theory but believers claim that the radiation 5G produces has reacted with our cells and created the virus.

The evidence behind this theory is based on the fact China was the first to have 100,000 5G towers and this is why the Wuhan popular was the first place to be affected.

Because of this accidental catastrophe, loads of celebs, including Amanda Holden, Lucy Watson and Callum Best are desperately pleading for the government to “say no to 5G”, take the towers down and prevent any more damage.

The towers are being used to insert chips into everyone in the world

Another theory is that the towers were built to purposefully create coronavirus, infect the whole world and then when a vaccine is needed this will be used to chip everyone. This theory goes further and, weirdly, includes Bill Gates. Believers say he’s funding the creation of these chip-vaccines. These chips will then be linked to a button that can kill anyone within an instance.

It’s not 100 per cent clear who these people think Bill Gates is working with or why they think he would want to kill everyone, but it has been suggested that it’s a depopulation technique. Obvs Bill Gates is not doing this.

The 5G towers are being used to control everyone

This theory also involves chipping everyone. Believers of this theory seem to think these chips are being invisibly inserted into us by 5G radiation. These chips will then allow every government in the world to watch and control people. Sounds legit.

The radiation from the towers is going to KILL US ALL

Another widely believed conspiracy is the 5G towers were put up for their intended and innocent use – to give us faster internet. However, the scientists didn’t do enough research and they’re giving off radiation that is going to kill us all.

This theory has no link to coronavirus but instead suggests the radiation is gonna have us all dead within years.

Multiple radiation experts have reassured everyone that the level of radio waves given off by 5G towers are harmless to humans. One study wrote: “Public Health England has said that there’s no ‘convincing evidence’ that exposure below the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation guidelines can cause adverse health effects. These guidelines go up to 300GHz, whereas the maximum for 5G will probably only be in the tens of GHz”.

5G suppresses our immune systems leading to early deaths

The final theory surrounding 5G towers is that the radiation reacts with proteins in our bodies and suppresses our immune system. Within this theory, believers argue that this is why coronavirus has spread so rapidly and is killing so many people. But believers also argue that this is going to slowly kill us anyway because we won’t have much of an immune system left. Excellent news.

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