34 moments that prove Drag Race UK is the best thing to come out of this silly little island

*Google searches* When does season three start?!!!?!!

RuPaul’s Drag Race is renowned for promising feel-good watching, unbeatable entertainment and just the right amount of drama with every episode. However, the second season of Drag Race UK has thoroughly outdone itself. Along with lovable queens, series two has supplied us with high-fashion looks, rumoured romances, hilarious performances and the 2021 anthem of the year. Alongside this, it continues to unpack LGBTQ+ experiences and offer a platform for these valuable stories.

Without fail, each week brought the drama – from the iconic Ratz Rusical and Tia Kofi’s questionable runway looks, to Katie Pwice talking about the nipples of the face and the never-ending argument between Ellie Diamond and Lawrence Chaney. Everyone on Twitter has had an opinion on who should win, who should’ve gone home, who was ROBBED and the fact that Tayce is stupidly attractive. Despite the differing views, the whole of Twitter agrees this is the best series we’ve watched all year, all pandemic and maybe in all of TV history.

Here’s a rundown of the 34 highlights of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK S2:

Bimini and Ginny’s chat about non-binary gender identity

This was arguably the moment we all fell in love with Ginny and Bimini, as well as with the whole premise of the show. Bimini and Ginny opened up to each other about their experiences with their gender identity and what it means to them to identify as non-binary. Many viewers watching thanked them for their honesty and highlighted how important it is to see honest conversations like this on TV.

We love you Bim and Gin.

rupaul's drag race

Credit: BBC Three

Talk about sexual tension!!!

A romance on the show always spices things up but the mystery behind A’Whora and Tayce’s past fling made this especially exciting. We still don’t know the answers, nor may we ever know and I’m not sure I can handle that.

rupaul's drag race

Credit: BBC Three

Tayce’s the cheek, the nerve, the gall, the audacity, the nerve and the gumption

The BEST line Drag Race has ever given us. You could feel Tayce’s rage grow with every new word. If you’re annoyed at someone, don’t just say you’re annoyed –  instead recite a long list of all the reasons WHY you’re annoyed.

Bimini’s amazing Katie Price impression on the Snatch Game

“The nipples are the eyes of the face”. As Snatch Game moments go, this one deserves its place in the Hall of Fame. Even Katie Price gave it her approval.

Credit: BBC Three

Bimini’s entrance line: ‘I’m vegan HA HA’

Same x

Ginny standing in The Werkroom in her fake boobs

I meaaaaan, what an icon.

rupaul's drag race

Credit: Instagram

Tayce playing with Bimini’s ‘tig bitties’ in the mirror

Firstly, even Tayce calling them “tig bitties” made this hilarious but it was then followed by a 10-second sequence of her fiddling with her tits. Whether you have boobs or not, we all know we’d do exactly the same if we had them on.

rupaul's drag race

Credit: BBC Three

Tia Kofi’s performance in Ratz the Rusical

She had an ear on her back.

Veronica Green’s outrageous outfit for Ratz

The tiny rat babies attached to her nipples – unreal.

Credit: BBC Three

Sister Sister solo lip-syncing for the entirety of You Keep Me Hangin’ On

She flicked her tiny blue ponytail and she gave it her all.

And ofc, Ginny sashaying herself away !!!!

A scene that will go down in lipsync Herstory.

Credit: BBC Three

Bimini serving looks every. single. week

The spot look:

Credit: BBC Three

Norwich City leotard (aside from all the tape on show, this was a fucking serve with the mohawk-mullet wig):

Credit: BBC Three

Her bacteria/vagina outfit:

Credit: BBC Three

The femme fatale stand-up look:

Credit: BBC Three

The sexy red devil:

Credit: BBC Three

Sister Sister’s new veneers

Look as long as Sister likes them that’s the main thing x

Credit: BBC Three

Tia Kofi being told to level up, and then coming out dressed as a pterodactyl

After winning the most Basic Queen award, singing in the lip-sync several times, knocking out some iconic queens, somehow getting away with wearing an ice cream cone and basically being on her final life, you would have thought Tia Kofi would’ve levelled up when the judges said to do better. But instead she came out in what looked like a 3,000-year-old piece of skin – literally prehistoric – and a big beak on her head. Tragic, basic and iconic.

rupaul's drag race

Credit: BBC Three

Bimini’s Brexit cake

“The Brexit bun is made of 52 per cent deceit, 48 per cent despair, and it’s 100 per cent not going to positively affect anyone other than Steve, Dave and Paul down the pub”.


Credit: BBC Three

UK Hun? becoming the anthem of our entire EXISTENCE

Imagine being in a club on June 21st and this happening:

Bimini jumping off the chair into the splits

rupaul's drag race

Credit: BBC Three

Every time Ru said LAWRENCE CHANEY

There really is a YouTube compilation for everything.

And then when Ellie Diamond asked why Ru didn’t say Ellie Diamond in a Scottish accent

RuPaul wasn’t having any of it.

Not a joke, just a fact

If you want to make something funny or just shut someone up, say this.

All of Tia Kofi’s confessionals

Tia is the most relatable Drag Race queen we’ve ever had. She owned the fact she was basic, knew most of the contestants hated her and she still didn’t give a fuck. Everyone needs a bit more Tia Kofi energy in them.

‘I don’t want to see any fucking H&M!!!!’

Has anyone ever seen Ru this angry? Either way it led to some great memes and gifs.

Tayce opening up about her experience with STDs

This was another important conversation to come out of this series. Tayce spoke openly about her experience contracting STDs after having unprotected sex. STDs are still a massive taboo and hold so much unnecessary shame, and Tayce proved why it’s so important to show openness like this on our screens.

A’Whora’s amazing NHS look for the superheroes challenge

The shoulder flick with the blue sleeves – she looked like a lizard getting ready to ATTACK.

RuPaul's Drag Race

Credit: BBC Three

The double shantay in the semi-final

We all wish Ru had saved the double shantay for A’Whora and Tayce’s lip-sync let’s be real.

Joe’s windswept look

Obviously Joe was never going to redeem himself after the whole H&M drama, but the windy ice cream look was one of the best.

RuPaul's Drag Race

Credit: BBC Three

Joe Black being eliminated TWICE

Snatched, gooped and pooped.

Lawrence Chaney’s Snatch Game maybe being the worst one ever

Why👏  do👏 funny👏 queens 👏 always👏  fuck 👏  up 👏  the 👏  Snatch 👏  Game👏

RuPaul's Drag Race

Credit: BBC Three

Tayce’s lyrics: Inches to the floor, I ain’t talking ‘bout my weave


Bimini’s whole UK Hun? verse

It was political, horny, funny and made me crave lentils all at the same time.

RuPaul's Drag Race

Ellie showing herself as the shady queen she is in the stand-up challenge

And then digging herself a hole when she tried to backtrack after Lawrence would not let it drop. So dramatic, I LOVED it.

Tayce and A’Whora lip-syncing against each other

Two best friends and past lovers who live together going head-to-head in the battle of their lives, lip-syncing You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me. SURELY Ru stitched this up for great TV.

Tayce and Bimini as the most iconic morning presenter duo EVER

Memes about them replacing Piers Morgan quickly followed.

And finally, the shit show that was BEASTenders

You can’t tell me what to do, you ain’t my mother. YES I AM!!!

RuPaul's Drag Race

Credit: BBC Three

Featured image credit: BBC Three

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