Drag Race UK: What did A’Whora say in her bleeped-out stand-up routine?

Come on BBC this isn’t even that bad

A’Whora has been the talk of Twitter this morning following her stand-up routine on last night’s RuPaul’s Drag Race UK episode.

This week, the queens were given the dreaded stand-up challenge. All the queens were nervous about this challenge because it’s gone down in the show’s herstory as one of the hardest acts to land.

Last night, A’Whora was harshly critiqued for going “too far” with her stand-up performance and making it too rude for the BBC. A fair few of her punchlines were bleeped, but one in particular shocked the judges so much it put her in the bottom two.

The joke began with A’Whora talking about her nan, she said: “‘The best advice I ever received growing up was from my nan. You know, people always say, there’s such a huge age gap between the older and the younger generation, but me and my nan found that that gap was what really brought us together. It was a real deep wholesome connection. We both had [censored].”

Since the episode, everyone on Twitter is desperate to know exactly what A’Whora said that was so awful? Some people guessed the big C word, others thought it was a detailed description of her nan’s sex life. World of Wonder, the Drag Race franchise’s production company, revealed what A’Whora actually said and everyone’s a bit disappointed.

A’Whora said: “We both have gapping arseholes.”

In A’Whora’s critique, the judges stressed that even though the routine was funny, it wasn’t appropriate for the BBC and most of it will be bleeped out. They also said she relied too heavily on the “gross” jokes.

Fair enough, a line about a grandma and her grandson having matching gapping arseholes is pretty vulgar, but still funny? Also, how many times have we heard the arsehole jokes on Drag Race?

Fans of the show don’t understand why this was censored or even considered that bad and have posted their anger on Twitter. One of them wrote: “Why tf was gaping arseholes censored?!?”, another said it was because the BBC are trying not to “offend the conservative types”.

Credit: Twitter

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