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Leeds University Union will not support upcoming UCU strikes

LUU released a statement to announce it will not support the UCU strikes scheduled for December

The government’s plans to show calories on menus will harm people with disordered eating

Instead of trying to educate people on healthy diets, the government wants to shame people into eating less

Meet the Soton student who made a TikTok taking diss pics at random places around campus

She took a picture with the defibrillator because ‘Soton takes my breath away’

No political party represents me or young people right now

If there was a general election tomorrow I have no idea who I’d vote for

Don’t feel pressure to go to the gym just because they’re reopening today

Nothing about the last year’s been normal, we all need to cut ourselves some slack

The Kardashians have created an unrealistic beauty standard even they can’t keep up with

This desperation to conceal their ‘natural’ selves is detrimental to so many of their fans

Banksy painting which appeared at Southampton Hospital last year has sold for £16 million

The money raised will go to Southampton Hospitals Charity

The votes are in and it’s official: Meet Soton’s most eligible bachelor 2021

Apparently he makes ‘the most incredible breakfast’

A #ReclaimTheseStreets event is being held in Southampton this weekend

The event will take place at Southampton Common at 6pm tomorrow

Meet the sexy finalists of Soton’s most eligible bachelor 2021: Vote for your winner now!

Who will be the winner?

Revealed: These unis still haven’t given their students a no detriment policy

Despite two national lockdowns, these unis haven’t yet implemented no detriment

TikTok needs to stop promoting unhealthy pro-anorexia content and ‘challenges’

Videos encouraging harmful eating behaviours are found too easily on the app

Vote in Soton’s most eligible bachelor 2021 Heat Three!

One wants to take you on a date at PureGym, one wants to go for dinner at Chick-O-Land and one wants you to meet his mum

Soton student creates petition for the uni to reconsider postponing 2021 graduation

The university announced last week that this year’s graduation ceremonies would be postponed

Confirmed: Soton’s graduation still postponed, despite lockdown lifting on June 21st

The government announced on Monday that all restrictions could be lifted in June

It’s time to vote in Heat Two of Soton’s most eligible bachelor 2021

These boys want to take you to France and Italy for the first date

University of Southampton postpones graduation 2021

The university plans to run online celebrations instead this year

South African variant of Covid-19 identified in Southampton

Southampton City Council is sending home testing kits to all those over 16 in the SO15 5 area

Got the lockdown blues? Vote in Heat One of Soton’s most eligible bachelor 2021

One reckons he can perform Bet on It better than Zac Efron

Meet the Soton students who have received the Covid-19 vaccine

‘All through this pandemic, we’ve been trusting the science and now is not the time to stop’

Everyone’s in love with the It’s A Sin cast, so here are all their Instagrams

Their Instagram feeds are basically fan accounts for It’s A Sin

Lads, think you’re Soton’s most eligible bachelor? Nominations are now open!

Get nominating!

Dear influencers: Stop using ‘be kind’ as an excuse to be a dick in the pandemic

Your photoshoot is not essential work, stay at home and be kind to the NHS

Update: Soton Uni confirms online teaching to continue until at least 12 April

Online teaching has been extended by two months

It is time to unfollow influencers who are flouting lockdown rules

Going to Dubai for a holiday during lockdown is not essential and I’m sick of seeing it

22 Russell Group SU executives demand no detriment policy

The Russell Group has said safety net policies are not ‘necessary’ this year

Soton students vote in favour of a partial refund of uni halls fees

95 per cent of Soton students voted in favour

Soton student makes petition for the university to create a no detriment policy

Yesterday the university said it will not be offering the policy this year

Soton confirms it will not be offering the no detriment policy this year

Other UK universities have begun to introduce safety net policies

Hartley will remain open during lockdown

It will not be open during weekends

Southampton to go into Tier 4 from Boxing Day

Tier 4 is the toughest level of regional restrictions

Soton students: Here’s how you can vote to get a partial refund of halls fees

Freshers in Manchester have already been given a 30 per cent refund for semester one

2020 may have been the worst, but here are 17 amazing things that happened this year

Harry Styles and Paul Mescal literally saved 2020

The reaction to Stephen Bear proves some men still don’t understand consent in 2020

Why are we still having to justify the importance of consent?

Not a single Soton student has been punished by the uni for breaking Covid regulations

Students who may have breached Covid guidelines have been sent letters

Did Diana actually perform The Phantom of The Opera for Charles on their anniversary?

Charles seemed less than impressed by the performance

Meet the Soton student who launched her own clothing brand over lockdown

And all you did was get addicted to TikTok

Owner of Oceana warns the club is at risk of closure

Where will the rugby boys pull now?

Everything we know about season two of Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit

The first series already covered the plot of the book

The real story of Katherine and Nerissa: The Queen’s secret cousins who were institutionalised

The sisters are discovered by Princess Margaret in The Crown

New coronavirus vaccine trials start in Southampton today

The vaccine is one of three being trialled in the UK

Rape investigation launched after incident in Soton city centre park

A 17-year-old is reported to have been raped in Houndwell Park

Update: There are 46 cases of coronavirus amongst Soton Uni students

There were six new cases reported yesterday

Every single reason why Building 100 is the best place to study on campus

Bored of your bedroom during lockdown?

Soton student company Future Brew has secured a £20,000 investment!

They aim to tackle food waste by brewing beer from leftover bread

Spooky season in Soton: Here are the best Halloween costumes 2020

Portswood just became even scarier

‘Things could have been handled differently’: SUSU on last year’s Mayflower FC incident

An investigation last year into alleged racist language used on a social concluded it was actually a player’s nickname being sung, not a slur

These are all the Southampton restaurants providing free school meals

A restaurant where Rishi Sunak worked as a waiter is offering free meals

You can now book three hour slots in Hartley!

Previously, students were only able to book one hour slots per day

Southampton Psychology fresher died by suicide in her halls, Coroner’s Court hears

She has been described as ‘bubbly, friendly and caring’

A lit firework was put through letterbox of a house on Tennyson Road

They allegedly then got a letter saying: ‘Next time it will be a bigger bang’

I’m going to give you 20 minutes to discuss these 26 break out room memes

Does anyone actually enjoy break out rooms?

What your Jesters drink of choice says about you

If you order a Jesticle you’re basic x

Soton Uni Professor Stephen Holgate has been knighted in the Queen’s Birthday Honours

Four other Soton professors have also received OBEs and MBEs

This is how likely you are to catch coronavirus at uni if your flatmate tests positive

Opening windows can reduce your chances of getting it

Exclusive: There are 12 coronavirus cases amongst Soton students

There are also two cases amongst staff members

Thou shalt not: The 38 biggest lies we tell ourselves at uni during Freshers’ Week

No 11: I’ll never get embarrassingly drunk

Soton Uni is giving free face masks to all students!

You can collect your masks from today

The Soton Tab is looking for new writers and we want you!

Our open meeting is this Thursday at 5pm via Zoom!

All Chamberlain freshers sent ‘warning letter’ after ‘severe’ social distancing breach

‘We got told off for not snitching, even if we had no part in the gathering’

‘9k 4 What?’: Here are all the signs put up by students under forced lockdown in halls

Students stress ‘mental health comes first’

Everything Soton Uni is doing to limit the spread of coronavirus on campus

All students are getting free face masks!

Soton is the best uni in the country for Civil and Electrical Engineering

AND we’re second best for Music!!

Soton Uni is offering free COVID-19 tests to students

The tests are non-invasive saliva tests

Soton has been ranked the 15th best uni in the UK!

We beat Durham!!

You’ll only understand these 15 things if you went to an all-girls grammar school

The competitive bench ball tournaments were terrifying

Revealed: The UK cities with the most sugar babies

Sign me up pls

Indian Matchmaking: Which couples are still together?

It’s not good news guys

Free food and fussy customers: What it’s like to work in an M&S Foodhall

This is not just any article, this is an M&S article

Solent lecturer sacked after claiming black men ‘need all the help they can get’

He was dismissed on the grounds of gross misconduct

Nando’s, Greggs and KFC: All the best price cuts across your favourite restaurants

Anyone for a cheeky Nando’s?

Gossip Girl featured some hideous outfits, but which was definitively the worst?

Why do they always wear ugly hats?

Molly-Mae claps back at trolls calling her ‘lardy’ in Daily Mail comments

The Love Island star is currently on holiday

IKEA is finally launching vegan meatballs called plant balls

Can you hear the people SING

Love Island’s Nas and Eva have only just gone official six months after the show

Wait what???

People on TikTok are freaking out over the 27th August and now I am too

Honestly, why is everyone scared of this random date?

PLT is selling face masks with literal holes in them

Pandemic, but make it fashun x

A message from students working in retail: Wear a damn mask

‘They only work if everyone wears one’

Medical student creates handbook to show symptoms on darker skin

‘We’re taught to recognise symptoms that wouldn’t appear on my own skin’

These are the biggest brand deals scored by Love Islanders

Paige’s debut single is out this week

Listen up, this is how you could get a refund for online teaching during lockdown

nINe GRanD foR tHIs?

Soton Black Students’ Network calls on societies to sign anti-racism charter

They want all societies to protect their Black members

Southampton is the best uni for Physiotherapy in the UK

Uni league tables were released today and we’re up three places overall

Soton student makes petition asking the Uni to ‘do more to tackle racism’

It says: ‘They need to show they are taking active steps to prevent racism within their institution’

We asked for your Soton night out confessions and wow some of you are WILD

You lot get up to all sorts in club toilets

In a wild turn of events, Ollie Locke tweeted saying he ‘needs a Jesters night’

Made in Jesters?

Still got some of your student loan left? Good because 7Bone is reopening!!

The restaurant will be doing takeaway from Tuesday

‘Thanks for all you’re doing’: New Banksy artwork revealed at Soton Hospital

The artwork is a tribute to NHS workers

Soton first year misses Jesters so much she’s made her own Spotify playlist

Feel like pure shit just want a Jesticle

Already bored of self-isolation? Vote for Soton’s most eligible bachelorette!

One of these girls was dumped on Valentine’s Day

Meet the first lot of sexy single ladies in Soton’s Most Eligible Bachelorette

Featuring a chalet in the alps, balls and feeling horny

A Southampton hospital worker has tested positive for coronavirus

They are now isolating at home

Dealing with disordered eating or negative body image at university

This week is Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Single ladies, are you Soton’s Most Eligible Bachelorette? Nominations now open!

Finally, something good about being single!

I went vegan for a week and it was surprisingly not horrific

10/10 for the vegan KFC burger