Sanjana Rao

Indian Matchmaking: Which couples are still together?

It’s not good news guys

Free food and fussy customers: What it’s like to work in an M&S Foodhall

This is not just any article, this is an M&S article

Solent lecturer sacked after claiming black men ‘need all the help they can get’

He was dismissed on the grounds of gross misconduct

Nando’s, Greggs and KFC: All the best price cuts across your favourite restaurants

Anyone for a cheeky Nando’s?

Gossip Girl featured some hideous outfits, but which was definitively the worst?

Why do they always wear ugly hats?

Molly-Mae claps back at trolls calling her ‘lardy’ in Daily Mail comments

The Love Island star is currently on holiday

IKEA is finally launching vegan meatballs called plant balls

Can you hear the people SING

Love Island’s Nas and Eva have only just gone official six months after the show

Wait what???

People on TikTok are freaking out over the 27th August and now I am too

Honestly, why is everyone scared of this random date?

PLT is selling face masks with literal holes in them

Pandemic, but make it fashun x

A message from students working in retail: Wear a damn mask

‘They only work if everyone wears one’

Medical student creates handbook to show symptoms on darker skin

‘We’re taught to recognise symptoms that wouldn’t appear on my own skin’

Listen up, this is how you could get a refund for online teaching during lockdown

nINe GRanD foR tHIs?

Soton Black Students’ Network calls on societies to sign anti-racism charter

They want all societies to protect their Black members

Southampton is the best uni for Physiotherapy in the UK

Uni league tables were released today and we’re up three places overall

Soton student makes petition asking the Uni to ‘do more to tackle racism’

It says: ‘They need to show they are taking active steps to prevent racism within their institution’

We asked for your Soton night out confessions and wow some of you are WILD

You lot get up to all sorts in club toilets

In a wild turn of events, Ollie Locke tweeted saying he ‘needs a Jesters night’

Made in Jesters?

Still got some of your student loan left? Good because 7Bone is reopening!!

The restaurant will be doing takeaway from Tuesday

‘Thanks for all you’re doing’: New Banksy artwork revealed at Soton Hospital

The artwork is a tribute to NHS workers

Soton first year misses Jesters so much she’s made her own Spotify playlist

Feel like pure shit just want a Jesticle

Already bored of self-isolation? Vote for Soton’s most eligible bachelorette!

One of these girls was dumped on Valentine’s Day

Meet the first lot of sexy single ladies in Soton’s Most Eligible Bachelorette

Featuring a chalet in the alps, balls and feeling horny

A Southampton hospital worker has tested positive for coronavirus

They are now isolating at home

Dealing with disordered eating or negative body image at university

This week is Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Single ladies, are you Soton’s Most Eligible Bachelorette? Nominations now open!

Finally, something good about being single!

I went vegan for a week and it was surprisingly not horrific

10/10 for the vegan KFC burger